New Policies For Marijuana Awaits Oregon After Adversed Changes In The Industry

The health department of Oregon made some new temporary rules regarding marijuana sales and its production on December 2. This is so they are sure of the quality and the flow of business would continue to be legal and safe.

In an article published by Oregon Live, the state's health authority issued these new rules where they imposed testing for weed producers. The testing is now required for its potency check. They also omitted restrictions that apparently has some alcohol-based ingredients accidentally included in some of the batches of weed before. The government is being strict now that marijuana is legal and their goal has always been for people to use it as a medical solution.

But the rules are not just for medical reasons because it also covers the recreational markets. Oregon Health Authority manager, Andre Ourso, wanted to make sure that the marijuana being released are potent enough to provide relief. He was a bit skeptical on the many weed producers coming out these days, so he thinks that the new rules involving testing marijuana would solve the issue.

Back in October, about 307 samples were received from different weed products and unfortunately they failed the test due to the presence of pesticides and other residual solvents found whenever this plant undergoes extraction. There is nothing to worry these new rules because it won't necessarily affect the employment of people in this industry. In fact, it would even help increase it and would maintain weed to be legal than being sold underground in some black market.

Meanwhile, OPB reported that Oregon's Health Authority also now requires that sellers should include the amount of THC and cannabinoid on a label of edibles. It has to be positive or negative 5 percent as measured the laboratory.

Do you think that these rules are too much or are they just right? What is your stand regarding the legalization of marijuana?

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