Fetal Burial About To Be A Huge Lawsuit In Texas With Its New Rules Involving Abortion

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 06, 09:05 pm

Texas has new rules involving the unborn babies, and part of it is the burial of their remains. This applies to women who chose to abort their child in the womb. On December 5, lots of people are against it saying it is just an attempt to put a lot of women in Texas to shame with their decision plus the fact that it will just hurt them financially.

In an article published by CNN, Texas governor is on the side of lawmakers regarding the new rules with abortion. He said that in a way, they are are giving voice to the aborted children. These new regulations, as soon as they are implemented, would require abortion facilities to bury or have those fetuses cremated. It wasn't long ago that the state proposed some rules regarding this issue, but the high court denied them wanting to restrict abortions. Now they came up with new rules to recommend, as they reason that this would help stop in spreading communicable diseases.

Texas is not the only state who has these rules in fetal remains because there are also some that agrees with this procedure. That said, the rules have been approved and is expected to be in effect by December 19 as per KFOXTV's report. It is going to be a massive lawsuit against the locals who are not happy about it since Vice President-elect Mike Pence supported this law. More than 35,000 people commented against these new rules, but it is probably too late since the Department of Health in Texas already agreed to it.

Are you for these new rules affecting fetal remains and abortion? Do you think it is just going to hurt people financially? Don't be afraid to share your opinion using the box below.

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