John Krasinski And Parenting: Emily Blunt's Husband Says Nobody Told Him How Difficult Parenting Can Be

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 12, 06:00 pm

The "13 Hours" The Secret Soldier of Benghazi" actor, John Krasinski, recently opened up about parenting. According to Emily Blunt's husband and the loving daddy of two little girls, he didn't expect how difficult raising children can truly be.

In his recent appearance in Today, actor John Krasinski wished parents were more honest about how big parenting problems actually were. Krasinski, a loving husband of actress Emily Blunt and the father of 2 gorgeous little girls — 2-year-old Hazel and 6-month-old baby Violet — urged parents to be more open when it comes to sharing the real troubles of parenting.

The hot dad says he is a big fan of honesty. According to Krasinski, nobody warned him that parenting was intense and emotionally impossible. As a father, the actor shares that whenever his little girls are hurt, he would feel the pain tenfolds more.

Krasinski explains that he was able to find various parenting articles from various sources. Many articles mention about sleepless nights but according to the actor, there was no reference to how devastating months of consistent lack of sleep could be.

Krasinski clarifies that the lack of parenting warning is not because there are no adequate articles about it. The void comes from the fact that it is impossible to merely describe how difficult parenting could be. Krasinski believes that one can never understand the dilemma of a parent unless he becomes one and actually experiencing it.

According to Scary Mommy, fatherhood led Krasinski to see his own parents in a different light. The actor has become more appreciative of how great his parents are to raise him. Krasinski says that in the past, he would always say that parenting would be easy since he only had to follow what his parents did. But becoming a dad himself proved him wrong.

John Krasinski said his becoming a father has completely turned his life around. However, "The Hollars" star admitted he is determined to overcome the struggles of parenting for the future of his girls.

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