How Child Abuse Affects Individuals In Later Life

Researchers found children who have been sexually abused in their childhood had more than half the chance of being prone to diseases and illnesses later on in life. This only demonstrated how sexual abuse can have a long lasting effect on a kid's mental and physical health.

The conditions or effects were even more serious for the people who had been a victim of such act twice. All of these were compared to the people who had not experienced sexual abuse when they were young.

A research-based study on the long-term effects of child abuse was published by Child Welfare Information Gateway. This study published in the journal Pediatrics also showed that being maltreated can have an impact and effect on social class. Through experimentation, it was found the kids who were having bad skills of reading are the ones who had been a victim of such act.

Another study and experimentation published in the journal Pediatrics were not also able to tell the reason why the living styles and standards of the maltreated people are bad. What the substandard living conditions and the age indicate are health issues and other problems, as per BBC News.

University College London Great Osmond Street Institute of Child Health and lead study author Dr. Snehal Pinto Pereira said their research has proved the kids who get targetted for this purpose often suffer from social class problems and crisis. Dr. Snehal added these issues should be prevented and actions should be taken against the criminals.

Furthermore, Snehal stressed that these investigations and tests have proved that these kids shouldn't be left on their own. Instead, measures should be taken to help them and provide them protection. Snehal highlighted again and again that these actions should be taken as the health of the individual is at risk.

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