Can Mothers Save Teenagers From Committing Juvenile Crimes Again?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 10, 07:21 pm

It was recently found that teenagers who go to juvenile prisons for committing crimes are more likely to commit the same offense again if their mothers are not involved in the legal process. The new study revealing this information brought new insights on the immediate need to impart legal education to parents so they are aware of the legal proceedings in case their child happens to end up in juvenile.

It was explained by the findings that teens who go to juvenile prisons for the first time and do not receive any kind of support or help in the legal matters from their mothers have the possibility to do the same mistake again and go to juvenile. Hence, it's essential that parents, especially mothers, have enough legal knowledge to support their child in any such scenarios.

The help and encouragement from parents could greatly save the teenager from future troubles and issues, Psych Central revealed. Studies also pointed out that parents who take more interest in their children's lives and know them better can help them in legal issues more.

The example of assisting kids in their academic work was quoted, which explained that parents can ease the children's problems by helping them in their subjects. According to Michigan State University Today, however, the researchers believed parents are still not very well familiar with the juvenile justice system.

To find more reliable data, mothers of those teenagers who had committed crimes and went to juvenile prisons were given questionnaires asking various questions about the kids' activities. The survey showed that mothers who took great interest in their teens' lives and the legal system were more likely to help them in legal proceedings.

Do you believe that moms can stop their children from committing crimes? Share your thoughts below. 

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