Surgery To Cure Obesity In Teens? Study Reveals Long-Term Benefits

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 10, 08:17 am

Gastric bypass is the kind of surgery that helps teenagers reduce weight and keep it controlled for a very long time. The surgery follows processes like reducing the natural volume of the stomach by 3 percent. A new gastric pouch is then connected to the stomach, which goes straight to the intestine and works like an enzyme - acting as a catalyst to improve the natural state of activities taking place.

The advantages of this surgery were confirmed through two studies done in the United States and in Sweden, Yahoo! News noted. A 30 percent of weight decrease was found in either place during a course of 12 years post-operation. This proved that the surgery could be very beneficial.

Not only does surgery helps reduce weight but in the U.S., it also declined the portion of chronic high blood pressure up to two-thirds. With that said, the number of teenagers with diabetes also faced a remarkable decrease from 16 percent to 2 percent while an 86 to 38 percent drop was witnessed among youngsters dealing with high-level cholesterol.

The Swedish Study explained more of its effects showing the youth undergoing surgery were approximately 28 percent lighter as compared to the youth that didn't go through the surgery when compared for a period of 5 years. The latter were only able to shed a few pounds of their body mass while the former dealt with a huge advantage.

Even though there are advantages, Gastric Bypass surgery has also some side effects. Some teenagers face vitamin deficiencies but these could be countered by certain medical and natural remedies. Others, however, have to go through follow-up surgical procedures but these are rarely reported to be taking place.

Considering the aforementioned findings, it is pretty apparent that the health benefits of the Gastric Bypass surgery surpass every other consequence on the list. So, this surgery can be a big step forward as it can help the youth stay away from diseases and allow them to stay in the range of normal weight, which is 18.5 to 24.9, according to the BMI.

Do you believe that Gastric Bypass surgery is the remedy to obesity among teens? Please share your thoughts below. 

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