Is Prince George Joining Wetherby School's 'Chaotic Mob'? Notting Hill Residents Complain About Its Pupils

Wetherby School in Notting Hill could soon welcome its high profile student Prince George, the third-in-line to the British throne, in September. But even before the spotlight shines on this institution yet again, it's already making headlines.

The Week reports that local residents have been complaining about the noise coming from the London school's grounds. The neighbors next to Wetherby School have apparently written a letter imploring councils to cite the school for its "intolerable" and "screaming children."

The complaint further stated that whenever the kids play or hold their PE classes, the noise from the playgrounds disrupt the residents. They have also seen that the gardens have been destroyed by the children, whom residents described as a "chaotic mob."

This is reportedly the school that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have selected for Prince George. It's where Prince Charles and Lady Diana also sent their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, in the '80s.

But according to Daily Mail, Wetherby School has another site in Kensington, which is nearer the royal family's residence and more convenient for Prince George. "The new school off Gloucester Road is preferable because it is much more intimate and less likely to attract photographers," a source told the news outlet.

Aside from having the princes as its alumni, Wetherby School also produced graduates such as Hugh Grant, Andrew Lloyd Webber and "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes. The institution, which accepts kids from 4 to 8-years-old, has been established since 1951.

Meanwhile, parents of the students at Wetheby School told the Evening Standard that the residents' complaints are "over the top." They defend that the kids are not unruly and their playtime usually lasts for 10 minutes at a time only. The school is said to be consulting with the local councils and the residents on how to improve its surroundings.

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