President Donald Trump Helps Out Struggling Single Dad By Giving $10,000 Check

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 03, 04:00 am

A struggling single father from Minnesota, 24-year-old Shane Bouvet, recently received a big gift from no less than a very important person. President Donald Trump gave him a $10,000 check after America's chief read about the dad's passion and dedication as a blue-collar worker and Trump supporter. They recently met face-to-face.

KHOU reported Bouvet first received what he thought was a prank call telling him that he has been invited to the inaugural ball. He later realized he really was talking to Trump's staff and was offered the best seats to the special event last Jan. 20, along with some of his friends.

That night when America installed its new president, Bouvet was whisked by the Secret Service to meet him in person, as well as meet First Lady Melania Trump. Apparently, the president learned about the single dad when The Washington Post ran a profile on him.

In it, he told the news outlet that as he was helping the Trump campaign in his rural town of Springfield, he's also taking care of his father with bladder cancer. Sitting down with the president in their meeting, Bouvet said he couldn't believe his luck.

Trump apparently promised Bouvet he's going to get a $10,000 check. He also handed the single dad an autograph for his son and a note that says, "You're a great guy!"

That promise came through on Monday, the Sacramento Bee reports. Bouvet finally got the $10,000 and he told the news outlet he's using it to help pay for his father's chemotherapy.

When asked why he supported Trump, Bouvet, who works as a delivery guy for Fedex, expressed that he wanted job security, which was top on the president's agenda. "I am a blue collar guy, there [are] about 800 people in my small town and we are losing jobs," he said, according to Inside Edition.

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