Autism Challenge: How To Survive In America’s Small Towns

Izzy Green was only three years old when she was diagnosed under the autism spectrum. She used to go to a preschool where everyone was a familiar face. The school's closure, however, forced her mother Victora Green to transfer her daughter to LilyPad Learning Center.

The family's problems started during the first day of school when Izzy hit a teacher who was trying to block an easel. The teachers characterized Izzy's behavior as aggressive.

Victoria criticized the teachers for not choosing their battles. Since then, tension gripped their relationship, as the teachers tried everything to prevent a meltdown.

Victoria and her husband Shane have done away with date nights because they could not even leave Izzy with a babysitter, according to The Atlantic. Izzy's meltdowns turned from bad to worse and have already affected the other students in the preschool.

The couple is now wondering if Central Iowa is the right place to raise a child with autism. It may be beautiful and serene, but the town offers very little choices when it comes to therapists for children with autism.

A survey has listed ten of the best American towns for those with autism, as per Autism Speaks. Among these are Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angels, New York and Boston. It found out that 75 percent of those who joined the survey admitted their dissatisfaction with the services being offered in the community for people under the autism spectrum.

"We really wanted to get a pulse of the autism community across the United States," says Mark Roithmayr, president of Autism Speaks. "What were the things that were most important to them, and what were the things that made the biggest difference to them in their lives," he added.

The cities that got the highest ranking in the survey are those that were a quick drive away to the academic and medical institutions, according to WebMD. Families with a member belonging to the autism spectrum are generally struggling with autism. Other states like Virginia, Florida, Ohio and California got negative ratings from parents for their failure to provide support services to parents who are struggling with autism.

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