'Autism Games 4 - Matching' App Helps Reinforce Behavioral Therapy In Children With Autism

A new app designed for children with autism hopes to help reinforce behavioral therapy and improve the kids' skills. Available for Android devices since Jan. 15, the app called "Autism Games 4 - Matching" was designed by Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) Services.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick of the BCBA said while there are many game apps geared for children with autism, most have one missing component. These apps do not make use of Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA) best practices, which should be essential in helping the kids improve.

"I found that childhood game apps are made for all children, with bright color, intense actions, and large distractions," Fitzpatrick said, according to Android Apps. "[These] are then promoted as oriented for autism when they clearly do not understand the autistic mind," she added.

"Autism Games 4 - Matching" app, however, is different as it makes use of ABA tools. The game, which is currently for download for less than a $2 via the Google Play, provides children with autism with visual and verbal exercises with little background noise or distractions. The app can work in conjunction with a child's specific behavioral therapy.

"Autism Games 4 - Matching" feature over 300 tiered exercise that begins with matching letters, then matching shapes and colors, and then matching locations. Behaviorists believe such a process can best address specific goals that enhance skill building among children. It can also help with early intervention programs for kids who have not yet been diagnosed with autism.

Children with autism look at digital games from a different perspective and orientation. To most of them, it's not just a learning tool. It's also a way to help them understand their own skills or overcome their fears, especially if they see that they can excel in the games they play, according to mom Liz Becker of Autism Support Network.

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