'Fuller House' Actress Virginia Wiliams Reveals Surviving 3 Miscarriages Before Bearing First Child

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 11, 04:00 am

"Fuller House" actress Virginia Williams revealed she had three miscarriages before finally having a child. The 38-year-old celebrity opened up about her heartbreak and struggles in the hopes of helping other women.

Williams, who played C.J. on "Fuller House" Season 2, shared her story in an essay on Momstatic. She realized talking about her painful experiences helped with her healing process. She noted that miscarriages are often not discussed in public when it shouldn't be the case.

Williams, who is married to Bradford Bricken, went on to detail her three miscarriages. Her first pregnancy revealed her baby didn't have a heartbeat following a routine doctor's appointment.

"I burrowed in and wept on my couch for days," she wrote, adding she underwent a D & C procedure. Three months later, however, she learned she was pregnant again only to be told that the fetus would not survive.

"My anxiety surged," she said. Williams went through a series of tests with her husband to determine the problem. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong.

On her third pregnancy, Williams started to become paranoid right after the end of the first trimester. Something in her gut told her it wasn't going well and an ultrasound confirmed her fears.

"I battled bitterness. I had PTSD," Williams said. "Just driving in the direction of my doctor's office would trigger early signs of a panic attack," she added.

What made her experience more terrible was the fact that the actress didn't know anyone else who suffered a miscarriage. She realized writing about it might help break down the stigma. She assured other women who've lost a baby that they are not alone and they should be talking about their experience.

At least 15 to 20 percent of pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. Some 80 percent of miscarriages happen during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, while a miscarriage on the second trimester can happen in one over 160 pregnancies, according to Very Well.

It's not bad news for Williams, though. On November 2015, she and her husband welcomed Bradford "Ford" Powell, according to People. They've been trying to have a child since they married in 2007.

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