Beyonce's Pregnancy Workout Routine Involves An Intense Cycling Class; How Safe Is SoulCycle For Pregnancy?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 13, 04:00 am

Beyonce is reportedly in an intense cycling class for her pregnancy workout. The multi-awarded singer, who is heavy with twins at 35-years-old, is taking SoulCycle spinning classes.

People have seen Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z visit their favorite SoulCycle Los Angeles studio. The couple would sneak inside just before classes start and they would leave early, too.

Sources said the "Lemonade" singer has "been taking a class almost every day," according to Us Weekly. She was also seen joining classes with best friend and Destiny's Child co-member Kelly Rowland.

Is this intense cycling workout good for pregnant women, though? Would it not be strenuous in a woman's pelvis area? One SoulCycle class takes 45 minutes of cycling and weight lifting while on stationary bikes.

A pregnancy trainer, Jason Keighe, said that SoulCycle is perfectly alright for pregnant moms. "It is recommended that pregnant women get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week and Beyoncé's SoulCycle workouts fit this recommendation," Keighe said, per New York Daily News.

It's also not surprising to see pregnant moms in these classes, SoulCycle trainer Olivia Ward said in the same report. Ward, in fact, was on the bike and guiding the participants five days before she gave birth to her son.

Ward, however, advised pregnant moms to get an all-clear from their doctors first before doing the intense workout. If they do get permission, pregnant moms should always remember to keep hydrated during classes.

It's also a good idea to ask the trainer or instructor for help in the routines. It might be necessary to modify some movements to accommodate a mom's growing belly.

Having a regular exercise regimen is a good way for the body to prepare for the baby's birth, according to The Bump. Just make sure to follow doctor's orders and the guidance from the trainers.

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