New Principal Resigns From Post After Student Journalists Question Credentials; What Did They Find Out?

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 06, 08:44 am

A supposedly new principal at a Kansas high school resigned from her post after a group of journalist students questioned her qualifications. The students questioned the incoming principal regarding her educational background.

Reports identified the high school as Pittsburg High School and according to the Pittsburg School Board, the person they wanted to take on the post, Amy Robertson, decided to resign because she believed it was in the best interest of the district. The main concern of the student journalists came from the information that she received her master's and doctoral degrees from an unaccredited online school called Corllins University, The Los Angeles Times shared.

Despite the issue that Corllins University was not an accredited school, Robertson claimed she completed her master's and doctoral degrees before the university got stripped off of its accreditation. The students, however, countered they could not find any record that Corllins University did have an accreditation in the past.

The student journalists, members of the school publication the Booster Redux, also claimed Robertson told them she lived in Dubai for more than two decades and worked as a chief executive for Atticus I S Consultants, a supposedly education consulting firm. She then came across the position in the high school and got hired subsequently. The students noted they had a conference call with Robertson and when questioned about the facts stated on her credentials, she gave conflicting statements such as dates, Washington Post reported.

To become a principal in any of the schools in the United States, one should have teaching experience and a Master's Degree in education. They also must have administrative credentials to qualify for the post. Lastly, they have to pass administration level tests to complete the requirements needed.

Robertson said in a statement her degrees underwent authentication by the United States government. She also said the questions of the student journalists were not based on facts. Although Robertson claimed the journalist students did not have facts, she was not able to produce her transcript from University of Tulsa as per her claim where she completed her undergraduate degree.

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