Naya Rivera Reveals Co-Parenting Is Easy With Ex-Husband Ryan Dorsey: 'We're Very Good'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 13, 04:00 am

Co-parenting is challenging but "Glee" star Naya Rivera finds it easy. The actress reveals she and her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey are "very good" at it because they keep their focus on their child.

Rivera and Dorsey divorced in November 2016 after two years of marriage. They agreed, however, to share the responsibilities of raising their son, 18-month-old Josey Hollis. Rivera has physical custody of the boy while Dorsey has visitation rights.

"[Co-parenting] is always going to have its challenges logistically, but Josey is our priority," the actress told Momtastic. She added they avoid all the drama that goes on between ex-couples. "Doing what's best for Josey is really what it all boils down to," she said.

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Josey was not the co-parents' first child. In Rivera's memoir "Sorry Not Sorry," which was released in 2016, she revealed she went through an abortion a few years ago without telling Dorsey first.

"When I made that decision [to have an abortion], I made it by myself, as I feel is the case for a lot of women, and I did not share it with Ryan at the time," Rivera said, as per People. It happened when she and Dorsey split up after briefly dating. Rivera realized at that time, however, that Dorsey was meant to be a part of her life.

They reconnected and then married in July 2014. Josey came into their lives a year later in September.

Meanwhile, Rivera said she's filled with love for her son on a daily basis. She admitted she constantly watches Joley in his sleep. "The love that I have for him so amazing," Rivera said.

Her growing baby, however, recently caused a commotion at a restaurant when he flipped a table and broke plates and glasses. It was the first publicly humiliating experience for the toddler's mom but Rivera felt relieved no one from the other guests judged her for it.

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