Mom-Shamed For Working Out

Mom-Shaming Target Speaks Up! Carrie Underwood's Trainer Finally Addresses That Time Another Parent Bullied Her

Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea explained why she was working out on the soccer field while her son played in a recent "The Doctors" episode.

by Amanda Moore

Outdoor Play In Kids

Outdoor Play In Kids: Why It's Important To Let Children Outside; How Parents Encourage Love Of Outdoors

Kids today love their gadgets but parents can teach them to love nature and the outdoors as well.

by Amanda Moore

Screen Time In Kids Linked To Diabetes

Children Exposed To 3 Hours Of Screen Time Risk Type 2 Diabetes Development, Study Says

Here's another reason why parents should teach or remind their kids to minimize TV-watching or computer use.

by Amanda Moore

Medical Marijuana Programs In Maryland

Lawmakers Stall Medical Marijuana Program In Maryland; Parents Look For Alternatives Elsewhere

Jenny and Alex Inman's 5-year-old son Lukas rely on cannabis oil but due to the legal limitations in Maryland, they moved to Colorado to avail of the medical benefits.

by Amanda Moore

Mumps Outbreak In The US

Mumps Outbreak: Health Officials Remind Worried Parents On Vaccination As Cases Surge Across States

Alabama, Chicago, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma are just some of the states experiencing a rise in mumps cases in recent months.

by Amanda Moore

Hand Sanitizers Are Poisonous

More Kids Deliberately Ingesting Hand Sanitizers To Get Drunk, CDC Warns Parents

Perhaps it's better to stick with using regular soap and water for cleaning and washing off germs from now on.

by Amanda Moore

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Push Legalized Marijuana

Justin Trudeau Says Legalized Marijuana Protects Young People, Canada PM Won't Decriminalize Illicit Drugs Except Pot

The prime minister discussed legalization of drugs among health experts and first responders in Vancouver, which declared a state of emergency on drug overdose.

by Amanda Moore

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Posts Photo Post-Skin Cancer Treatment, Warns People About Not Wearing Sunscreen

This is the fourth time the "Wolverine" actor has undergone treatments for the disease.

by Claire Parker

Telling Kids A Parent Has Cancer

Explaining Cancer To Kids: Animated Film Shows Practical Tips For Parents Telling Children They Are Sick [WATCH]

The video is presented by the UCLH Cancer Collaborative and the Fruit Fly Collective.

by Amanda Moore

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

Chronic Pain Occurs More Among Poorly Educated Low-Income Americans, Study Reveals

Study author Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk said that this health problem is even greater than heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

by Amanda Moore

California Medical Center Holds Free H1N1 Drive-Thru Community Clinic

Rare Flu Kills 6-Year-Old Girl; Should Parents Worry About Vaccination Complications? Doctor Set It Straight

Aside from Eva Marie Harris, two other children in Ohio have died due to the flu.

by Amanda Moore

Vadim Anatoliyevich Kondratyuk

Sacramento Father-Of-Two Dead After Tooth Infection Was Untreated; What Exactly Caused Man's Death?

A father-of-two died after not taking precautionary measures when he had a toothache.

by Claire Parker

NHS Healthcare Organisation Looks To The Future

Tonsillectomy In Children: New Studies Reveal Risks Outweigh Benefits - Should Kids Still Have It?

The procedure is common for surgery especially during the '70s and the '80s but things have changed today.

by Amanda Moore

Exploring The Mediterranean Diet And How It Delays Brain Shrinkage Among Seniors

Exploring The Mediterranean Diet And How It Delays Brain Shrinkage Among Seniors

Studies reveal that the Mediterranean diet slows brain shrinkage among seniors,

by Abbie Kraft

Amino Acids Help Alcohol Addiction

Research Reveals Amino Acid Can Help Curb Alcohol Addiction And Alleviate Hangovers

Amino acid works wonders, especially when it comes to replenishing dehydration and malabsorption caused by alcohol consumption and withdrawal.

by Abbie Kraft

Sunscreen May Fail To Prevent Skin Cancer

Peppa Pig Sunscreen 'Burns' Baby's Skin, Cancer Council Plans No Product Recall

Mom Jessie Swan's post had more people sharing similar experiences about sunscreen allergy and patch testing.

by Amanda Moore

General Mills Shareholders To Vote On Use Of Genetically Modified Organisms In Its Products

Children Consuming Dangerous Amounts Of Sugar During Breakfast?

High sugar intake at breakfast is the leading cause of adverse health impacts and child obesity.

by Henry Tyler

How stress affects your body

Know The Looming Dangers Of Stress And How It Can Negatively Impact The Brain

Stress may be a psychological trigger, but research reveals that it can negatively impact the brain.

by Abbie Kraft

Nature VS Nurture: Is Obesity Genetic?

Nature VS Nurture: Is Obesity Genetic?

It's been an ongoing battle as to whether obesity is caused by nature or nurture.

by Abbie Kraft

10 Best Anti Anxiety Foods | Foods To Lose Weight

Diet Tips: Get To Know Some Diets That Can Alleviate Anxiety

Listed below are some of the foods that can help alleviate anxiety.

by Abbie Kraft

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Update: 'Star Wars' Legend Dies At 60

Carrie Fisher bid her fans goodbye after she suffered a stroke.

by Abbie Kraft

Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2016 - Day 4

Carrie Fisher Spends Holidays In the ICU After Suffering From A Heart Attack

Carrie Fisher suffered from heart attack during her flight to Los Angeles.

by Abbie Kraft

NYC Vending Truck Sells Edible Marijuana Treats

Marijuana Sales Surges Over The Holiday Season

Marijuana sales significantly increased during the holidays.

by Abbie Kraft

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