Moms With Mental Health Issues

Are Moms With Mental Health Issues Bad Parents? Expert Weigh In On Why They Need Extra Help

Family members and medical professionals need to support moms with mental health issues like postpartum depression.

by Amanda Moore

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Fifth Trimester: Why This Whole New ‘Mom Thing’ Is Causing Stress To Many Moms

This article tackles the challenges and how moms should prepare themselves to deal with the fifth trimester of motherhood.

by Charlize Walters

Tammin Sursok Had Postpartum Anxiety

'Pretty Little Liars' Actress Tammin Sursok Reveals Brutal Postpartum Anxiety Experience, Recounts Recovery Process

Tammin Sursok gave birth in 2013 and admitted she felt like a zombie after. Her mother nudged her to get help.

by Amanda Moore

Adele Suffered Postpartum Depressiont

These Celebrity Moms Admitted Battle With Postpartum Depression; Here's How They Survived

Did you know 20 percent of moms, whether famous or not, suffer from PPD? Read on to learn how some coped.

by Amanda Moore

Postpartum Depression In Dads

Postpartum Depression Puts Dads At Risk Too; What Factors Affect Paternal Depression?

Even as fathers do not experience body changes, a factor in moms' postpartum health, they can experience symptoms that affect their mental state when the baby is born.

by Amanda Moore

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their Daughter

New Moms Dealing With Post-Pregnancy Pain Try Latest Health Craze -- What Is Otonamaki? [VIDEO]

Practitioners swear by adult wrapping for relief of body tension, but some experts are not convinced.

by Amanda Moore

Brooke Shields Book Signing At Barnes And Noble

A Mom’s Struggle With Anxiety: How To Survive Postpartum Depression

The birth of a child can be a joyful moment but there are women who experience extremely negative feelings after giving birth.

by alexa ancheta

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Postpartum Depression Is Different From Other Mood Disorders; Changes In Treatments Or Approach Needed, Says Study

More research is needed to look into this condition among moms as it is still an under-researched area.

by Amanda Moore

2015 Maui Film Festival At Wailea - Opening Night

Teresa Palmer's Unconventional Parenting Has 'Hacksaw Ridge' Actress Co-Sleeping & Hiking 3 Weeks After Birth

Known for breastfeeding even as her first-born is over 2-years-old, the actress shares the latest about her second baby in a blog post and video.

by Amanda Moore

Breast-Feeding mother

New Study Reveals That Six Months Maternity Leave Is Not Enough For New Mothers To Fully Recover

New studies reveal that 6 months maternity leave is not enough for woman's body to recover after childbirth.

by Abbie Kraft

Brooke Shields talks about her experience with Postpartum Depression

What You Should Know About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a common condition that affects women who have just given birth. Women who suffer from this condition should not keep it to themselves but should talk to their support group, get counselling or even take anti-depressants to address the problem.

by alexa ancheta

Funeral Held For American Victim Of Paris Terror Attacks

Mother Arrested For Stabbing Her Own Kids! What's The World Coming To?

The mother accused of killing her two kids has been booked in the Montgomery County Jail after spending the past 11 days in the hospital.

by Henry Tyler

Pregnancy and Motherhood: Learn One Life-Saving Tip Every Premature-Baby Mommy Must Know

Pregnancy And Motherhood: Learn One Life-Saving Tip Every Premature-Baby Mommy Must Know

Studies reveal higher susceptibility of mothers of premature babies to depression and anxiety attacks and are encouraged to get help.

by Sammuel Larson

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Why Skin Contact Between Babies And Mothers Is Useful In Breastfeeding

The baby is most active in the first hour of birth, scientists suggest the golden hour helps in breastfeeding.

by Joshua Williams

Two Important Facts About Breastfeeding Moms And Ways To Prevent Sex Discrimination In The Workplace

Two Important Facts About Breastfeeding Moms And Ways To Prevent Sex Discrimination In The Workplace

Although maternity leave is already present in the status quo, many working women find this very discriminating. This happens a lot to moms who are breastfeeding.

by Sammuel Larson

Learn One Incredible Fact On How Working Moms Can Say Goodbye To Worries Over Career And Parenting Balance

Motherhood Pitfalls: Can Working Moms Really Say Goodbye To Worries Over Career And Parenting Balance?

Research reveals that children of working mothers develop a stronger set of social skills over peers with full-time mommies. Career women delight over news.

by Danny Wilson

Best Celeb MOMS 'BREASTFEEDING' Moments | Miranda Kerr, Angelina Jolie | Lehren Hollywood

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Depression: Effects Of PPD On Breastfeeding Is A Continuous Cycle - How To Help Mothers

Family members have an important role in a new mother's recovery as well and here's what you need to know to help them.

by Amanda Moore

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Six-Week Recovery After Childbirth Is Fantasy: Moms Need A Year Of Rest To Recuperate, Says Study

How long do moms need to recover after giving birth? Six weeks is extremely short and as much as possible it should be up to a news, a new study finds.

by Olivia Etienne

Heterotopic Pregnancy

Miracle or Science? Mom Discovered Another Growing Baby Following An Ectopic Pregnancy

A rare case of heterotopic pregnancy was discovered weeks after Sadie Brittle underwent a surgery to remove her ectopic pregnancy due to massive internal bleeding.

by Irina Chris

The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Adele Talks Postpartum Depression: What Moms Can Learn From 'Hello' Singer When It Comes To Overcoming Postpartum Struggles

The singer gave birth in 2012 and she opens up about the emotions she went through while caring for her first-born child.

by Amanda Moore

Are younger women more prone to stroke when pregnant compared to their older counterparts?

Pregnancy Vs. Stroke: Are Pregnant Younger Women More Prone To Stroke Than Older Counterparts?

Pregnancy can increase the risk of stroke but the risk is not the same for younger and older pregnant women

by lovely carillo

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Motherhood: Has Being A Mother Gotten To Your Head?

Motherhood comes at a price of certain body changes initially hard to get by. But with support and strong-will nothing's difficult.

by Hasan Tariq


Babies Born With Midwives Are Likely To Have Bad Outcomes Study Shows

Research reveal that giving birth with the assistance of a midwife can potentially lead to a form of brain injury called neonatal encephalopathy.

by Mikheyla Johnson

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