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Melissa Rycroft

Trending News  18 November '13

Melissa Rycroft to Welcome a Baby Boy Next Spring!

Melissa Rycroft of 'The Bachelor' will have a baby boy!


News  18 November '13

Robot Commits Suicide After Unable to Manage Tedious Household Chores

Irobot Roomba 760 in Austria set itself ablaze when it was unable to bear the pressure of continuous work in the home.


News  18 November '13

Smoking Toddler Quits Cigarettes, Shifts Focus to Junk Food

Indonesian toddler Aldi Rizal amazed people around the world a few years back with his chain-smoking habit.


News  18 November '13

How to Deal With Depression During Pregnancy?

Follow these tips to cope with depression during pregnancy.

Actor Chris Pratt wants more kids with wife Anna Faris.

News  16 November '13

Chris Pratt Wants More Children With Wife Anna Faris

Actor Chris Pratt wants more kids with wife Anna Faris.


News  16 November '13

Diluted Bleach Cures Skin Damag: Study

Diluted bleaches work effectively in curing skin damages caused by inflammation, a latest research by Stanford University School of Medicine scientists state.

News  16 November '13

Watch Heart-Warming Video of Newborn Twins Hugging as they Take Bath

A French nurse posted a heart-melting video of newborn twins cuddled up together as they are given a bath.

Asthma, Pregnancy

Parenting  15 November '13

Women With Asthma Conceive Late

Women suffering from asthma take longer time to conceive, a latest study by Danish researchers reveals.

Jamie Dornan

News  15 November '13

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to Release on Valentine’s 2015

Fans will have to wait until 2015 to watch movie adaptation of the erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'

Helicopter Parenting

Parenting  15 November '13

Mom’s Critical Blog Post on Helicopter Parenting Goes Viral

A mother from South Dakota recently strongly criticised helicopter parenting and wrote that parents must allow their kids to learn to handle difficult situations on their own.


Family Life  14 November '13

Tips To Lure Adolescents to Spend Time With Family

Involve your teenagers in household chores and make them responsible for younger siblings if you want them to participate more in family life

Short Theater Workshop for Autistic Children

Health/Nutrition  14 November '13

Theater Camp Helps Improve Cognitive Skills in Autistic Children

Just two weeks of theater camp for autistic children can help in enhancing their cognitive skills, a latest study by Vanderbilt University states.

Brain health and age

Health/Nutrition  13 November '13

Mentally Challenging Activities Improve Brain Health in Elderly

Mental challenge improves brain health in older people, says study

Children at play

Family Life  13 November '13

Reduce Communication Gap With Children By Following These Simple Tips

Talk to your children whole-heartedly and lend them your ears fully and see how things change.


Health/Nutrition  12 November '13

Tips to Avoid SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death or crib death, happens when a newborn dies without any medical history. The reason behind the baby's death remains unclear even after autopsy and detailed investigation.

Premature Baby

Parenting  12 November '13

Top Five Risks for Pre-Term Babies

Premature babies have higher chances of developing health complications. Listed below are a few complications that a pre-term baby could possibly experience.


Parenting  11 November '13

Contaminated Water Increases Chances of Pre-Mature Babies

Expecting mothers who consume contaminated water during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to preemies and babies with low birth weight, a study states.

Hold Hands

Health/Nutrition  11 November '13

Sex Drive Varies Depending on Childbirth

Health professionals generally advise couples to avoid having sex for some time after childbirth. But a latest study shows that both men and women experience varying sex drives depending on the baby’s birth.

Preemies Have Lower Test Scores: Study

Parenting  9 November '13

Preemies Have Lower Test Scores: Study

One in three premature children has lower test scores compared with full gestational children, a latest study by researchers from the UK states.

Teens Influneced by Social Networking Sites

Health/Nutrition  9 November '13

Social Networking Sites Responsible for Eating Disorders in Teen Girls

Social networking websites influence teen girls to eat less and become stick thin, a latest research reveals.

royal swaddle

News  29 October '13

Swaddling Damages Babies’ Hips

Swaddling babies can damage their hips, a latest study suggests.

Kindness matters

Family Life  29 October '13

People Still Value Kindness; Single Mother Left Astounded By an Act of Kindness at Pizza Hut

Nothing makes one happy more than a kind appreciation and blessing from a complete stranger. In one such incident a single Raleigh mother received a note for her good parenting from an unknown man in Pizza Hut.

Alfonso Ribeiro

Trending News  29 October '13

Alfonso Ribeiro Welcomes Son Alfonso Lincoln Ribiero Jr

Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela welcomed their first child in Los Angeles.

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