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Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming

Trending News  18 December '13

Bruce Willis and Wife Emma Heming Expecting Second Child

Actor Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming are expecting second child together.


News  17 December '13

Two in Three 13-Year-Olds Worried About Body Weight: Study

Every second 13-year-old in three girls is conscious about body weight, compared to four in 10 boys of the same age, a latest research by UCL Institute of Child Health (UK) in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK) states.


News  17 December '13

Gifting Botox, Liposuction in Demand This Holiday Season

A latest survey shows that increased numbers of people are opting to gift aesthetic procedures to their friends and family.

Junk food

News  17 December '13

Eating Junk, Unhealthy Food Leads to Memory Loss: Study

Health experts have time and again warned that eating junk food is harmful to health. A latest study added another side-effect of unhealthy diet on the already long list. It states that consuming unhealthy food could affect memory.

Mothers, children, siblings

News  17 December '13

For Mothers Youngest Child is a Baby, Even They Are Not: Study

Mothers think their youngest children are smaller than they actually are, a latest research states.


News  17 December '13

Intense Maternal Care Influence Vulnerability of Children to Stress, Rat Study Shows

Extreme maternal care during early post-natal period makes children less prone to stressful situations, a latest rat study states.

News  16 December '13

Father Films His Children Running For Gifts Every Christmas For 25 Years

For more than 20 years, a father filmed his children running down stairs for their Christmas gifts.

Health Care

News  16 December '13

Pricey U.S. Health Care Does Not Increase Life Expectancy: Study

A latest research states that expensive health care does not really increase life expectancy in the U.S.

Father Christmas, Santa Claus

News  16 December '13

German Museums Applies for Father Christmas to be Registered in UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List, Says He is Sidelined by American Santa Claus

A museum Germany has applied for Father Christmas to be added to the UNESCO's list of cultural heritage as its origins are "under threat" because of America's Santa Claus.

SantaCon, Santa Claus

News  16 December '13

Watch Hundreds of Santas Fighting During SantaCon 2013

The New York City streets were flooded with hundreds of drunken Santas, pissing, puking and beating each other in public.

Amber Rose

Trending News  16 December '13

Amber Rose Shows Off Post-Baby Svelte Figure (PHOTO)

Amber Rose stunned her fans by flaunting her post-pregnancy figure on Instagram.

Raw Milk

News  16 December '13

Consumption of Raw, Unpasteurised Milk Harmful for Pregnant Women, Children and Infants: AAP

Expecting mothers, children and infants should stay away from raw milk, a latest American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statements reads.

Rainbow Loom bracelets

News  14 December '13

Schools Ban Rainbow Loom Bracelets Due to ‘Disruption’ in Class

The latest fad among children, Rainbow Loom bracelets, has been banned from Orange County schools as they were found to be 'disrupting.'

James Bond

News  14 December '13

James Bond Could be ‘Impotent’ Due to Heavy Drinking: Study

A latest research could leave James Bond 'shaken and stirred' as it claims heavy drinking by this world-famous secret agent can affect his potency and make him die early.

postpartum depression, maternity leave

News  14 December '13

Longer Maternity Leaves Reduces Postpartum Depression Risk: Study

Longer maternity leave can reduce postpartum depression, a latest study by University of Maryland School of Public Health shows.

Women exercising

News  14 December '13

Women Taking Antidepressants Show Improved Sex Life After Exercising for Half Hour

Exercise can help treat sexual problems in women taking antidepressants, a latest study states.

Drew Barrymore

Trending News  12 December '13

It’s a Girl for Drew Barrymore!

Drew Barrymore will be having another baby girl!


News  12 December '13

Pregnancy After 30 Leads to Preterm Births and Stillbirth: Study

Risk of preemies and stillbirths increases by 20 percent, among women older than 30 years of age, a latest study state.


News  12 December '13

Spanking Leads to Serious Mental Issues in Children, UNH Professor Says in Latest Book

Spanking children leads to slow cognitive development and increased criminal and anti-social behaviour, a research done for over four decades by a University of New Hampshire states.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

News  11 December '13

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Prove Beneficial for Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer's patients can be benefitted by omega-3 fatty acids, a latest study reveals.

Kate Winslet

Trending News  11 December '13

Kate Winslet and Husband Ned Rocknroll Welcome a Baby Boy

It's a baby boy for actress Kate Winslet!


News  11 December '13

Weight Loss Surgery Improves Sex Life Among Women: Study

Weight-loss surgery can do wonders to your sex life. A latest study states that women who undergo bariatric surgery have satisfying sex life.

 Red meat

News  11 December '13

Eating Red Meat During Pregnancy Increases Gestational Diabetes Risk: Study

Heavy consumption of red meat during pregnancy increases the risk of gestational diabetes, a latest study reveals.

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