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Parenting  13 February '14

Common Infections Increase Stroke Risk in Children

Common infections may increase the risk of stroke in children, multiple studies state.


News  13 February '14

Quit Smoking to Improve Mental Health: Study

Quitting smoking helps enhancing mental health in people with psychiatric problems, a latest study states.


News  12 February '14

First-Born Males Are at Higher Risk of Obesity: Study

A latest study shows that firstborn males are at greater risk of getting obese.

Child Abuse

News  12 February '14

Child Abuse Rates Increase with Income Inequality: Study

Child abuse cases rises with the gap between rich and poor, a latest study states.

Melissa George

Trending News  11 February '14

It’s a Baby Boy for Melissa George

Actress Melissa George and boyfriend Jean-David Blanc welcomed their first son, Thursday!


Health/Nutrition  11 February '14

Yearly Care for an Autistic Child Costs $17,000: Study

It takes an average of $17,000 every year for to take care of an autistic child, a latest study states.

Couple, marriage

News  8 February '14

Partners’ Support Influence Cardiovascular Health of their Spouses

Spousal support can significantly affect one’s overall cardiovascular health, a latest study states.


News  8 February '14

Quality of Life Among Women Stroke Survivors Worse than Men: Study

Recovering from strokes is far more difficult for women than men, a latest study states.


News  7 February '14

Eat During Weekends, Lose Weight on Weekdays: Study

Researchers say indulgence in heavy eating and drinking during weekend will not make you fat.

Love, couple

News  7 February '14

Parents-Teens Relationship Influence Child’s Love Life: Study

Bonding between teens and parents can determine the success rate of romantic relations of children in latter life, a latest study by University of Alberta states.

Dania Ramirez

Trending News  11 January '14

‘Devious Star’ Dania Ramirez and Hubby John Beverly Welcome Twins, Reveal their Names

Dania Ramirez and husband John Beverly Amos Land, welcomed fraternal twins last month. The couple have now revealed the names of the babies!

Hilary Duff, Mike Comrie

Trending News  11 January '14

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie End their Three-Year Marriage, Will Get Joint Custody of Son Luca

Actress-singer Hilary Duff announced separation from husband Mike Comrie after three years of marriage.

preterm birth, premature baby

News  11 January '14

Bacteria Causes Preterm Birth

A latest study suggests that a bacteria leads to water breaking pregnancy leading to premature delivery.


News  11 January '14

Moderate Consumption of Coffee can Hydrate Your Body

Drinking coffee in moderation can hydrate your body, a latest study shows.

Edyta Sliwinska

Trending News  10 January '14

Edyta Sliwinska Welcomes Baby Boy with Husband Alec Mazo

Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo welcomed baby boy, Saturday!

Joe Nichols

Trending News  10 January '14

Baby No 2 on the Way for Joe Nichols and Wife Heather!

'Sunny and 75' singer Joe Nichols and wife Heather are expecting second child together!

Sherri Saum

Trending News  10 January '14

Sherri Saum of ‘The Fosters’ Expecting Twins!

Actress Sherri Saum is pregnant and is expecting twins!

Kirsten Storms, baby

Trending News  10 January '14

Kirsten Storms and Husband Brandon Barash Welcome Daughter Harper Rose

Kirsten Storms and hubby Brandon Barash of 'General Hospital' welcomed a baby girl, Tuesday!

Money, Wealth, Health

News  8 January '14

Proved! Wealth Connected to Health

'Health is Wealth.' This popular old saying has been proved right by a recent study.

Babies Know When You're Faking

News  8 January '14

One-on-One Baby Talks Develop their Language Skills

One-on-one conversations with babies improve their language skills, a latest study states.

Childhood fractures

News  8 January '14

Childhood Fractures Lead to Lower Bone Strength: Study

Childhood fractures may have repercussion on children's bone health, a latest study states.

teen boy

News  8 January '14

Police Shoots Schizophrenic Teen

Local police shot dead a schizophrenic teen boy after his family sought help to calm him down.

Justin Bartha

Trending News  7 January '14

Justin Bartha and Wife Lia Smith Pregnant with First Child!

It's a double treat for the new married couple Justin Bartha and wife Lia Smith! They are expecting their first child just !

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