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News  10 December '13

Regular Exercise Reduces Dementia Risk by 60 Percent

A latest study shows that rigorous exercise can down the risk of dementia.

Teens, shingles, stroke

News  10 December '13

Early Puberty Leads to Aggressive Behaviour in Girls

Early puberty leads to aggressive behaviour in girls, a latest study by the researchers at University at Alabama shows.

Remission from Depression Much Slower in Adults Who Were Abused in Childhood

News  10 December '13

Tips to Cope With Depression During Holidays

Depression during holidays is common for most of the people. It is a difficult time especially for those who stay away from their family. However, following simple things such as spending time with friends, engaging yourself in different activities will help overcome the depression.


News  10 December '13

Top 5 Christmas Movies For Children

Parent Herald brings you the list of top five most cherished and loved Christmas movies for children.

Lee Brice and wife Sara

News  9 December '13

Country Singer Lee Brice Welcomes Second Child With Wife Sara

Country music singer Lee Brice and wife Sara welcomed second child, a baby boy, Wednesday.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock

Trending News  9 December '13

Kelly Clarkson Talks About her Pregnancy Woes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pregnant Kelly Clarkson's pregnancy woes are not new to the people. But the problem gets worse. She vomits up to 12 times a day and is facing severe hair fall issues.


News  9 December '13

City Council Orders to Take Away Pet Chickens From Three-Year-Old Autistic Boy

A three-year-old autistic boy from Florida has been ordered by city council to give up his pet chickens that helped him socialise better.

pregnancy, stillbirth

News  9 December '13

Simple Blood Test Could Prevent Stillbirth, Researchers Say

Australian researchers have developed the blood test that will measure the levels of RNA, a genetic material found in placenta, to understand the oxygen levels in the foetuses.

Jen Arnold

Trending News  7 December '13

Jen Arnold of ‘The Little Couple’ Has Cancer

'The Little Couple' star Jen Arnold revealed Friday she has cancer.

cell phones

News  7 December '13

Cell Phone Usage Make students More Anxious, Unhappy and Poor in Academics

Students who constantly use cell phones are more anxious, unhappy and have poor academic scores, a latest study by the Kent State University shows.

Online Dating

News  7 December '13

Researchers Develop Algorithm to Find Perfect Matches Online

Researchers have a developed an algorithm for dating sites that recommends right match on the basis of your contact history and online mating success.


News  6 December '13

Eating Healthy Costs Extra $550 Every Year: Study

All those diet and health conscious people take a note, eating healthy will cost you more by $1.50 a day, a recent study shows.


News  6 December '13

Probiotic Therapy Could Help Ease Autism-Like Behaviour, Mice Study Shows

Probiotic therapy alleviates autism-like behaviour, a latest mice study shows.


News  6 December '13

Viagra Could Ease Period Pain: Study

Women can alleviate their period pains by popping erectile dysfunction pills, a latest study by Penn State College of Medicine says.

Christmas Gifts

News  6 December '13

Five Best Gift Ideas for Children During Christmas

Parent Herald has listed some unusual, quirky yet beautiful presents for kids during Christmas that your children will surely love.


News  4 December '13

Poor Children Receiving Help from Nurses Have Less Emotional and Behavioural Issues

Economically backward children getting help from trained paraprofessionals show better intellectual and behavioural development, a latest study states.

Brooke Anderson

News  4 December '13

Brooke Anderson and Husband Welcome Second Baby Girl

It's a baby girl for Brooke Anderson!

Vitamin D

News  4 December '13

Inadequate Vitamin D Affects Brain, Mice Study Shows

Low levels of Vitamin D can have harmful effects on brain, a latest study by UK researchers state.

Santa Claus

News  4 December '13

Is Santa Real? Telling Children About Santa Claus

Parents find it difficult to answer when their children ask whether Santa is real or not. It is important to make children aware about the good old man's existence.

Energy Drinks

News  3 December '13

Energy Drinks Harmful for Heart: Study

A latest study by researchers at University of Bonn, Germany found energy drinks makes contractions of the heart more forceful.

Beyonce Knowles

News  3 December '13

Beyonce Beats Kim Kardashian in Most-Searched Celebrities

'Destiny's Child' singer Beyonce Knowles has topped the list of most-searched celebrities in 2013, a report released by the search engine Bing said.

Rita Ora

News  3 December '13

British Pop Sensation Rita Ora to be Christian Grey’s Adopted Sister in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie

Christian Grey now officially has a sister! Rita Ora, British pop star, has been chosen for the role of Mia, Grey's adopted sister in the movie adaptation of 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'

teen boy

News  3 December '13

‘Love Hormone’ Could Help Autistic Children Socialise Better: Study

A dose of 'love hormone,' oxytocin, could help autistic children socialise better, a latest study by Yale Child Study Center researchers say.

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