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American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about  7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research

Parenting  25 April '17

American Academy Of Pediatrics Highlights 7 Great Achievements In Pediatric Research

The American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about the 7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research as they call out to increase their funding for child care research.

Many teen sex assault victims get subpar ER care, study says

Teens/Young Adults  28 February '17

Teen Sexual Assault: American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Guidelines For Screening, Treatment And Care Of Abuse Victims

Pediatricians need to be prepared on how to handle assault and rape victims properly as it matters to their recovery.

HPV Vaccinations Back In Spotlight After Perry Joins Presidential Race

Health  28 September '16

Anti-Vaccination Mom Changes Tune After Putting Her Three Children ‘At Risk’ Due To Rotavirus

A mother saw proof of the dangers of having no vaccination after her three children fell ill due to rotavirus. Vaccines protect children from a host of diseases such as chicken pox, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, influenza, measles, mumps, pertussis, polio, pneumococcus, rotavirus, rubella and tetanus.

Olympics Opening Day

Infant  27 September '16

Dangers Of Bed-Sharing With Babies: Alarming Rates Of Suffocation Or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Recorded

Bed-sharing can be dangerous and fatal to infants. The practice causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), suffocation, asphyxia, strangulation, falls, and entrapment.

Germany Debates Home Day Care Subsidy

Health  20 September '16

Experts Advise Against Codeine For Children: Medication May Cause Deadly Or Life-Threatening Breathing Reaction

A new clinical report is urging for a formal restriction on using codeine for children. Codeine is an opioid pain medication that is also used to relieve kids' coughs.

Swine Flu Vaccinations Get Under Way In Germany

Health  13 September '16

Flu Shots or Nasal Mist Vaccines ? Health Care Experts Reveals a Shocking Answer

Which one is more effective? Flu shots or nasal mist vaccines?

Police Continue Investigation Over Vicious Attack On Two Boys

Behavior  28 June '16

Alarming Numbers Of Suicidal Teenagers Pushing Health Experts To Take Action

More teenagers in the U.S. are attempting suicide due to several factors like family problems, substance abuse and bullying. This is why experts are ramping up screening programs to identify those who are at-risk.

Migrants Protest At Border As Greek Bottleneck Worsens

Infant  14 April '16

Keep Up With New Parenting Trend: 5 Latest Rules on Raising Babies

As more studies are conducted, guidelines on parenting have drastically changed over the years.

ride on lawn mower

News  2 March '16

Study Reveals That More Than Half of Reported Cases of Lawn Mower-Related Injuries Requires Amputation

In a recent study, researchers found that more than one-half of the reported number of cases of lawn mower-related injuries involving children required amputation.

Disaster Prepareness

Family Life  20 October '15

5 Disaster Preparedness Tips For Families With Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has come up with a new policy statement that puts emphasis on providing for the needs of kids during disasters.

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