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Strong-Willed Children

Opinion  15 March '17

'The Strong-Willed Child': A Must-Read Book For Parents Struggling To Raise Their Kids

Some children are naturally compliant and others are exhibiting a wild and wooly will. Dr. James Dobson reveals, however, that the overriding principle is the same for men and women, mothers and fathers, coaches and teachers, pediatricians and psychologists.

Parenting By Heart...

Opinion  17 January '17

'How To Really Love Your Child': A Must-Read Book For Parents

The strength of the marital bond, unconditional love as the foundation of a solid relationship with a child and the principle of loving discipline, respectively, when implemented in every household, will prevent teenage delinquencies.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

School Age  13 September '16

'How To Raise An Adult' - The Ultimate New Parenting Book That Every Parent Needs

Tired of being a parent? You might want to try and read this book for a much-needed paradigm shift.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

News  29 March '16

Top 3 Books That Star Libraries; No. 2 Will Make You Fall In Love With Tangible Books Again

Check out these books that have libraries for a starring role. These books will relive the bookworm in you!

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