Empty Out The Negative

How I Learned To Shake Off Negativity: Confessions Of An OC Mom

The problem sets in when I turn to be too reactive. The result -- my surroundings and I repel, because both of us are "negatively charged." I see my daughter's irresponsibility, and I become impatient. My hubby seems careless and unreasonable, and I become cynical. I glean through an unfulfilled dream, and I get bitter and depressed.

by Nymfa Aranas

How Do I Get Rid of a Soul Tie?

Throwback Test: Are You Free From Soul Ties?

The real test whether you have moved on or not doesn't actually lie on having a new partner or a spouse. An unplanned personal encounter will reveal the real score.

by Nymfa Aranas

Strong-Willed Children

'The Strong-Willed Child': A Must-Read Book For Parents Struggling To Raise Their Kids

Some children are naturally compliant and others are exhibiting a wild and wooly will. Dr. James Dobson reveals, however, that the overriding principle is the same for men and women, mothers and fathers, coaches and teachers, pediatricians and psychologists.

by Nymfa Aranas

A Social Life | Award Winning Short Film | Social Media Depression

'A Social Life': What Does It Take To Have One?

Becoming too social can distort our self image and values until we find ourselves alienated and hiding behind the shadows of our selfies.

by Nymfa Aranas

Facebook blues: People feel happier after ditching social media

Top 3 People Who Will Make It In Life Without Facebook

If we are not entrepreneurs and professionals who need to market our products and services online, we can surely live a more productive life, all the more so, when disconnected from Facebook.

by Nymfa Aranas

Multiple Intelligences

The Educational Wounding Cycle: Wounded People Wound Others

Any idea why some of our young people today seem to be lost and unmotivated to dream and pursue their dreams? This is because they have not been properly guided by their own families and their schools. Instead of encouraging the young ones to discover their natural abilities, we adults who are either older brothers or sisters, parents, schoolmates, friends or teachers are sometimes guilty of misjudging or letting them down.

by Nymfa Aranas

Kid Artist Stuff

For The Love Of Drawing

What will you do if you have accumulated a collection of your child's drawings?

by Nymfa Aranas

Put an End to Back Talk | Parents

Parenting Dilemma: Listening Vs. Setting Boundaries

When our children know that they are loved and they have our focused attention, then they will take hold of and enjoy that freedom to communicate with us on a deeper level. They talk; we listen. We talk; they listen.

by Nymfa Aranas


Selfless And Loving Moms: Do They Still Exist?

"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?" (Isaiah 49:5a)

by Nymfa Aranas

Beauty in American Society

Concept Of Beauty: How It Evolves In The Eyes Of A Child

As parents, we have this privilege of shaping our children's idea of what is beautiful. As our kids, however, get exposed to the bigger world of friends, media and entertainment, we are out to see the competition.

by Nymfa Aranas

5 Unusual Pregnancy Cravings

A Mom's Confessions On Pregnancy Cravings

It helps to be spiritual when one is pregnant. Ironically, though, some pregnant women turn too unspiritual in relation to their cravings.

by Nymfa Aranas

5 Love Languages #5: Physical Touch...

Is Your Child's Love Language Physical Touch?

Parents should define to kids what is loving, appropriate and non-sexual touch. We can tell them as to how far moms or dads, siblings, close family relatives and friends are allowed to associate with them physically.

by Nymfa Aranas

A Preschooler's Creative Selfie

A Closer Look At Selfie: Its Pros And Cons For Kids

A dose of selfie has its advantages. The drawbacks undoubtedly arise from an addiction or a "selfie overdose." If we are a present mom or dad who is concerned whether our child is going overboard or not, we will be able to prevent unhealthy selfie and its repercussions.

by Nymfa Aranas

5 Things Teens WISH Parents Knew

Why You Should Avoid Being A Clingy Parent To Your Teen

Parenting is not about monitoring your child 24/7, especially if you happen to have teens. Here's why you should maybe let go a bit, and let them be free.

by Aradhana

Parenting By Heart...

'How To Really Love Your Child': A Must-Read Book For Parents

The strength of the marital bond, unconditional love as the foundation of a solid relationship with a child and the principle of loving discipline, respectively, when implemented in every household, will prevent teenage delinquencies.

by Nymfa Aranas

A PEEK AT OUR WEDDING! - TheSchuermanShow

Want A Happy Marriage After Kids? Divide Your Household Chores Equally

Many couples find themselves arguing over aspects of their lives that didn't seem to be a problem before having kids. Small nothings easily turn into reasons to fight, discussions escalate and tempers flare as if every evening were bonfire night. So, how do married couples with kids manage to keep their wits together, you ask?

by Sylvia Smith

Welcome to Superfood Kids!

Top 9 Super Foods To Boost Your Kid’s Immunity

Just keeping your child’s tummy full is not enough. You need these superfoods to boost their immunity.

by Aradhana

Fairy Tale VS Reality

Eye Openers Vs. Fairy Tales

Life is not simply all about self-indulgence nor beauty, fun, selfies, cute and cool stuff.

by Nymfa Aranas

XNSPY - Most Powerful App For Spying

New Mobile Monitoring App Helps Parents Cope With Bad Teen Behavior

Cyber-life of our teens is an inescapable deal, so it must be observed. If they're argumentative or rude towards us, some radical changes may be occurring in their life. Most probably, they're under bad influence. They might have troublemaker friends or they may have come across strangers whose relationship may be toxic for our teen.

by Sara Johnson

Amazing Science Experiments...

Children And Science: Should Parents Encourage Their Kids To Engage in Scientific Thinking?

Science helps children to think about things before they actually happen, and while we will all develop this skill to some extent, practicing this internal hypothesis process from an early age gives children a great advantage. Life is all about making more good decisions than bad decisions and having a solid framework of thought experiments offers a great advantage in life.

by Michael Hervas

Gun Safety For Kids Is A Matter Of Life And Death

Protecting Your Children From Guns In A Pro-Gun State

If children (or anyone under 18) is around a gun, they should have some form of supervision. This supervision can vary depending on their age, level of maturity, experience and many other factors. Nonetheless, the parent is ultimately responsible for their child's safety and well-being.

by Jeffrey Nelson

Joy Vs. Angst in Parenting

Parenting Is A Source Of Joy Not Angst

The pressures of parenthood has made parenting very stressful, but parents should find joy in parenting.

by alexa ancheta

Complete Omega 3

The Benefits of DHA Omega-3 for Babies and Moms

There are three main types of omega-3s, but DHA is perhaps the most useful to the body. Found in marine sources such as fatty fish and marine algae, DHA is an important part of cell membranes and is especially important for brain and eye health and development, as well as heart health and other promising benefits.

by Elana Natker, RD

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