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Betsy DeVos And Rural Charter Schools

Parenting  18 April '17

Can Expanding Charter Schools Under Betsy DeVos Work In Rural America?

Charter schools in rural America operate differently and Betsy DeVos' ideas to expand this might not help improve the education system.

Donald Trump

School  5 April '17

Donald Trump Vows Big Budget For Education Weeks After Proposing Cuts

President Donald Trump said in a recent statement he will have big budgets for education.

Donald Trump

School  29 March '17

Trump Administration Wants To Cut Education, Science Budgets To Support Military Budget Boost, Border Wall

Trump administration said they want to make budget cuts in education and science.

Immigrants Learn English At New Americans Center

Homeschooling  24 January '17

More Children Homeschool In America Than Go To Charter Schools; Homeschooling Still Unpopular - Here's Why!

It's not considered mainstream education but homeschoolers have reportedly done and performed better than kids from other schools.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

School  5 January '17

Who Will Be Accountable For Public Schools & Its Students In The Trump Government?

The President-elect and his Education secretary pick, Betsy DeVos, are for charters or voucher schools and not public schools.

New York City Teachers Rally For More Charter Schools In New York

School  28 December '16

Why Charter Schools Are Becoming Popular Among Students

Charter schools have been one of the biggest developments in school choice reform.

Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ

School  9 December '16

The Problems With President-Elect Donald Trump's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' Free Market Schools

Critics say the market-based approach has been known to fail students and yet the new Education head strongly believes in this system.

Education Activists Hold Charter School Rally In Brooklyn

School  24 November '16

What Does The Future Hold For Charter Schools?

There are various views about public school choice coming out of the 2016 election.

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference To Announce Ben Carson Endorsement

School  15 November '16

Donald Trump & The New Department Of Education: Ben Carson As Secretary? What Changes Could Be Expected?

The presiden-elect is already forming his new cabinet as he begins his work at the White House in January 2017.

Hillary Clinton Addressess the NAACP Convention In Cincinnati

School  8 August '16

NAACP Calls For A Moratorium On Expanding Privately Managed Charter Schools

NAACP drafted a 2016 resolution that criticized charter schools and seeks to ban the growth of privately managed charters.

President Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton In Charlotte

School  7 July '16

Hillary Clinton Draws Boos At Teachers' Convention For Comments On Charter Schools

The Democratic presidential candidate is known as a supporter of charter schools, but her audience at the convention are not.

Ninth Ward Kindergarten Re-Opens Two Years After Hurricane Katrina

School  30 June '16

How Can Detroit Improve Charter Schools And Give Better Education Choices For Students?

In Detroit, there are many charter schools but most of them have some of the country's poorest students. What can the city do to close failing ones and open more schools that can meet the literacy needs of its students?

Charter School Movement Grows As Obama Voices Plans To Expand System

School  31 May '16

Rising Popularity Of Charter Schools Causes Alarming Decline In Public School Enrollment

Traditional public schools are being forced to shut down due to the increasing popularity of charter schools. Many factors have driven away students from public schools including financial difficulties and corruption.

Ninth Ward Kindergarten Re-Opens Two Years After Hurricane Katrina

School  22 April '16

The Department Of Education Expands Focus On Charter School Students

The Department of Education in the U.S. called for applications to create a competitive grant program for charter schools.

President Obama Meets With Newly Elected Governors In The Oval Office

News  29 March '16

Charter School Funding Causing Debate Among Teachers And Legislatures

People are expressing their thoughts about the controversial charter school funding.

Sec. Of State Clinton Speaks To Students At A New York Charter School

Parenting  28 March '16

Charter Schools Under Fire For The Way They Discipline Students; Parents Are Concern And Want It To Stop

Students studying in charter schools are apparently being treated unfairly. These schools are now under watchlist from critics and parents.

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