Donald Trump Vows Big Budget For Education Weeks After Proposing Cuts

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 05, 10:42 am

President Donald Trump recently promised that there will be big spending for education. This came after he proposed billions of budget cut on education and research in order to boost military spending and to support the financing for the Mexican border.

Trump wanted to remove $9 billion from federal education programs but in the latest announcement, the administration said the president will spend lots of federal funding on education. He said at a town hall on Tuesday, "We're going to spend a lot of money... and we're going to get some great talent having to do with education because there is nothing more important than education." The reason cited was the fact that he wanted to increase the number of students graduating so as to fill the employment gap in the country, U.S. News shared.

Trump also told the CEOs during the town hall that spending a lot on education will help prepare students to have the skills that company owners are looking for in an employee. Aside from talking about increasing spending on education, he also talked about Common Core and charter schools, which are two of the main projects of Education secretary Betsy DeVos.

For Common Core, Trump said he hoped for the abolishment of the academic benchmarks of what students should know every after completion of a grade level. CEOs raised their concerns that high school graduates are not prepared for college due to Common Core.

For charter schools, the president cited such schools in New York doing exceptionally well. He pointed out the notion that charter schools in New York City are only experiments is no longer the case.

More on the charter school project and DeVos, Trump praised his Secretary of Education for handling the issues in the department very well. Trump also said they will propose around $1.4 billion for school choice proposals and $168 million for charter schools, Education Week reported.

Many expressed concern over the fact that DeVos is an advocate of charter schools and private schools. They believed she will abolish the entire public school system.

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