Trump Administration Wants To Cut Education, Science Budgets To Support Military Budget Boost, Border Wall

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 29, 11:02 am

President Donald Trump and his administration announced they want to cut around $18 billion from the funding for education, medical research, science and other programs. They said the money will be used for the military and the construction of the border wall in Mexico.

Reports said the proposed $18 billion will offset the $30 billion increase the Trump administration planned for military budget boost and border security. Sources familiar with the matter claimed Congress will most likely reject the cuts.

Senior Republican appropriator, Senator Roy Blunt, said the Republicans and the Democrats are now working on a spending bill that will not consider the budget cuts and budget increase proposed by Trump. The Congress has to comply with the April 28 deadline to finalize the spending plan for the rest of the fiscal year, which is until Sept. 30, Bloomberg revealed.

Another area that the Trump administration wants to develop if the cuts get approved is charter schools. In an open letter from the CEOs of charter schools on USA Today, they said they do not need the budget boost if the funding for education is decreased.

They said they cannot support the proposed budget of Trump and his administration and they are determined to do everything to work with the Congress in order to protect "the programs that are essential to the broader needs of our students, families and communities." They added they need federal support for all schools and for all kids and not just those in choice schools.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos became one of the leading proponents for school choice and charters schools. Many believed DeVos wants to dismantle the public school education system altogether.

Teachers and parents made comments against the budgets cuts. They echoed the statements of the CEOs of charter schools regarding federal funding to help children achieve their dreams and have better education.

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