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Another Winter Storm Bears Down On Northeast

Family Life  30 March '17

Free-Range Parenting: An Option Against The Idea Of Overprotection

It is very important to raise self-reliant and independent children that’s why some parents are embracing the free-range parenting concept.

Strong-Willed Children

Opinion  15 March '17

'The Strong-Willed Child': A Must-Read Book For Parents Struggling To Raise Their Kids

Some children are naturally compliant and others are exhibiting a wild and wooly will. Dr. James Dobson reveals, however, that the overriding principle is the same for men and women, mothers and fathers, coaches and teachers, pediatricians and psychologists.

Free Backpacks Are Distributed To Needy Students Ahead Of New School Year

Family Life  18 January '17

Punishing Vs. Disciplining Children: What's The Difference & What Works Best? Experts Share Tips!

Iowa State University has launched a discussion via blogs and podcast to help parents determine their child-rearing strategies better.

Gender Neutral Parenting: Rearing Boys And Girls Equally

Behavior  26 November '16

Gender-Neutral Parenting: How To Raise Boys And Girls Equally

Is pink only for girls and blue solely for boys? Gender neutral parenting counters the norms and standards but is it too much freedom for kids who need guidance?

GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Rally In Jacksonville, Florida

School  6 August '16

Harvard Republican Club: Donald Trump Is Poisoning The County And Its Children

The studen Repubiican club has said that it would not support Donald Trump's presidential bid.


Health/Nutrition  18 May '16

Parenting Guide: Every New Mom's Effective Solution To Cure Insomnia

New moms often suffer from lack of sleep because of child-rearing. Here are some ways to solve the insomniac dilemma.

Shakira, Gerard Pique and son, Milan.

News  1 May '15

Shakira Baby: Boys to Become 'Modern Men' Just Like Father Gerard Pique

Singer, Shakira, is not shy in giving her premonitions about the possible future character traits of her sons. The singer admitted that she saw her boys becoming "modern men" when they grow up, according to ABC News.

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