Free-Range Parenting: An Option Against The Idea Of Overprotection

By Charlize Walters, Parent Herald March 30, 11:41 am

Parenting styles play a significant role in raising children. However, the idea of hovering kids becomes less appealing. Hence, the emergence of free-range parenting is widely embraced by some parents as an option to ditch the concept of overprotection in child-rearing.

In parenting, it is very important to draw a line between overprotection and safety. But striking that balance is never a walk in the park. In fact, there are so many factors that affect how parents perceive the balance between hovering and supervision.

Despite the fact that free-range parenting seemed to have gained popularity, this concept still raised the eyebrows of some parents. According to Romper, there are "countless variables" that made this parenting style unacceptable or unappealing such as the age and temperament of a child or the character of the neighborhood.

So, what is exactly free-range parenting? In contrast to helicopter parenting or the parental tendency to hover, be overprotective and hyper attuned to their children, free-range parenting allows kids to be free from an early age and promotes unstructured play instead of scheduled activities, as per Web MD.

Moreover, free-range parenting is a child-raising concept that makes parents believe there is no constant danger around the world that put kids at risk or not every stranger is a potential criminal or kidnapper. But even though free-range parents have the best intentions, some are still wary over the idea of letting children explore the world on their own.

With that said, is free-range parenting an option to oppose the idea of overprotection? The Houstonian reports free-range kids learn "social skills, how to work together and how to solve problems." Free-range parents also believe their children become much smarter and safer compared to the times they were kept under constant supervision.

The publication added that freedom helps kids "learn self-reliance and resilience, qualities that will serve them for a lifetime, making them better adults." Unfortunately, free-range parenting was also criticized and kids say adults often "act weird" when they see children without adult supervision.

What are your thoughts on free-range parenting? Is it really the best option to avoid raising overprotected kids? Sound off below.

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