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Paracetamol Reportedly Not Effective Drug For Back Pain

Pregnancy  7 July '16

New Study Debunks The Relation Between Pregnant Women Taking Paracetamol Resulting In Their Child Having ADHD

Pregnant women who took paracetamol during pregnancy are not guaranteed to have kids suffering from autism or ADHD.

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath - Day 16

Teens/Young Adults  5 July '16

Disabled Teen's Family Files Lawsuit Against TSA Officers For Physically Hurting Their Daughter At The Airport

The family of disabled teen, Hannah Cohen, filed a lawsuit against Transportation Security Administration officers for assaulting their daughter at the airport's security checkpoint.

Seniors Rush To Register For Medicare Part D Plan Before Deadline

Body  4 July '16

Health Care and It's Rising Cost: What You Can Do to Lessen the Blow

Nowadays, people do not think as much about saving money for their healthcare, but here's how you can do things differently.

Diabetic Girl

Body  4 July '16

End of Prickly Needles for Diabetics? Artificial Pancreas Set to Be Available as Early as Next Year

Those with Type 1 diabetes can soon forget about time-consuming maintenance after it was revealed that artificial pancreas will come out as soon as 2017.

MBFFS 2012: MBFWA Trends - Arrivals & Front Row

Body  4 July '16

The Veronicas To Make a Health Documentary to Combat Body Shamers

After getting a slew of rude comments online, the twins now want to show that they are in fact healthy.

New Food Label Requirements Listing Trans Fat and Allergens Take Effect

Health/Nutrition  4 July '16

Butter is Better? Not as Healthy as Olive Oil, but Healthier than Sugar; Reasearch Says

People may want to rethink how much butter and sugar is in their diet.


Health/Nutrition  3 July '16

Contaminated Flour Recalled and Advised To Be Thrown Away, Sends About 40 To Hospital with E. Coli Strain

General Mills has recalled a number of its flour varieties after they tested positive for E. coli 0121 strains.


Behavior  3 July '16

Underage Drinking: Better Parenting Decreases Number of Cases in the Past 10 Years

A report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies shows that better parenting has lessend instances of underage drinking.


Pregnancy  3 July '16

High Blood Pressure May Put Pregnant Women and Unborn Child At High Health Risk

A new study has found that having higher than normal blood pressure is extremely dangerous to a pregnant woman and even to her unborn baby.

Sales Of Low Cost Canned Meat Spam On The Rise Amid Rising Food Cost

Health/Nutrition  1 July '16

Eating Canned Goods Increases BPA Exposure That May Pose Health Risks, Study Says

A new study has found that people who eat canned goods at least once a day have higher BPA concentrations in their urine than people who do not eat any at all.

Children Receive U.S. Citizenship Certificates In New York

Body  1 July '16

Stroke And Coronary Heart Disease Risk Higher in Working Single Moms vs Married Moms, Says Study

Single moms have a lot to sacrifice, including their health.

Scientists Continue Stem Cell Research While Courts Debate Ban

Body  1 July '16

Hundreds Of Clinics Are Deceiving Patients With 'Unproven' Stem Cell Therapies, Study Says

A study found out that 570 U.S. clinics are marketing and offering stem cell therapies that are not backed up by scientific research.

Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings

Body  30 June '16

Soft Drink Industry Executives Have a New Friend in the CDC, But Who Is It?

Dr. Barbara Bowman has been seen communicating with a now former Coca Cola affairs leader.

UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer

Body  30 June '16

Stress Can Increase the Spread of Cancer by as Much as 6 Times, New Study Shows

Almost everyone knows that stress has adverse effects on the human body, but now it has been proven to increase the rate at which deadly cancer can spread.

Gruene Woche Agriculture Trade Fair

Health/Nutrition  29 June '16

3 Ways To Make Healthy Eating A Lifestyle And Not Just A Diet Fad

Eating healthy prevents chronic diseases from developing and positively affects life. Here are 3 ways to sustain an eating lifestyle that guarantees you a healthy body and mind.

The 148th Belmont Stakes

Body  28 June '16

New Study Reveals Smokers Don't Even Know What They are Inhaling!

We can all assume that it is common knowledge that cigarettes and other tobacco products contain various harmful chemicals, but the extent of these may not even be known to the people who use them.

Labour Force Work Under Difficult Conditions To Complete Commonwealth Games

Health/Nutrition  28 June '16

UN Report: 69 Million Children are at Risk Because of Medical and Educational Inequality

The United Nations reports that millions of young children are at risk because they do not get proper medical attention and education.

Bali Introduces Ban On Supermarket Alcohol Sales

Health/Nutrition  28 June '16

Alcohol Consumption Proven to Increase Risk of Cancer: Even Moderate Drinkers are at Risk

A new study shows that drinkers, heavy and moderate are at higher risk of contractng cancer compared to non-drinkers.

Women Empowerment In An AIDS Ridden Society

School  28 June '16

Education Trends: Society Lacks Sex Education Resulting In Teens Making Unwise Decision With Copulation

Schools and other educational institution must step up in giving quality education.

Hot Summer Forecast For The UK

Puberty  24 June '16

New Study Claims Obesity In Adulthood Is Due To Parents Who Are Mean And Teenagers Who Are Taught To Be Insecure About Their Food

If you ever wonder why there are a lot of female adults who are suffering from obesity these days? Here is your answer.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs

Fertility  23 June '16

Could Fertility Treatments Could Raise Risks For Mothers Delivering Their Baby?

According to studies, Artifical Reproductive Technology (ART) and In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) could put mothers health at risk. Learn more from their research as you read the article.

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Practice

TV/ Movie  21 June '16

Michael Schumacher News: F1 Legend ‘Reacting’ To Treatment; Expert Warns About Uncertain Recovery

Michael Schumacher latest news reveals that the Formula One legend is "reacting" to treatment following a ski accident in 2013.

WEC 2016 - 24 Hours of Le Mans

Body  19 June '16

Taking Too Many Selfies Can Damage Your Skin and Make You Look Older

The light and radiation coming from our phones when we take selfies may speed up the aging process.

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