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What's So Harmful About Sodas & Sugary Drinks?

Body  17 December '16

The Beneficial Impact Of Sugary Drinks Tax

In return to the taxes, if the amount of sugar added into the drinks is reduced under 18 will be facing much fewer decays of teeth, they will be much less obese etc.

10 Photos To Test Your Personality. What Do You See?

Mind  16 December '16

Fun Facts: Clutter and Mess Is Said To Be Associated With Intelligence

Intelligence is associated to clutter and mess.

How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

Body  15 December '16

Obesity Health Risk: Beer Belly Is More Lethal Than Being Overweight

Beer belly is said to be more lethal than obesity.

Types of Depression

Body  15 December '16

Mental Health Awareness: Types Of Depression That You Need To Take Note Of

There are countless types of depression, and one condition differs from another, which makes it important to understand each difference.

Diet And Depression: What Are The Best Food To Fight Off Depression?

Body  15 December '16

Diet And Depression: What Are The Best Food To Fight Off Depression?

Food plays a vital role when it comes to one's mood and all over health, which makes it important to be cautious with one's diet as well.

Daily Farmers Struggle Due To Falling Prices Of Milk In Spa

Nutrition  15 December '16

Got Milk? Common Myth About Lactose Intolerance Explained

Experts explain and debunked the common misconception of lactose intolerance.

Shake Shack Raises Prices For Upcoming IPO

Body  15 December '16

Diet Facts: Find Out Why Your Weight Loss Diet Is Not Working Out

Experts were finally able to explain the rationale why a certain diet doesn't suit you.

Exercises in Preparation for Delivery for 7-9 months pregnant

Pregnancy  14 December '16

Some Facts About Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise may be considered healthy but during pregnancy, it's more adverse to a woman's health.

Vegan Diet Is Necessary For You

Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

Vegan Diet Is Necessary For You, Nutritionists Suggest

Vegan diet is gaining importance among the nutritionists as it lowers the risk of life taking diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and keeps one fit and going.

Eat Fat, Stay Fit?

Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

Researchers Discovered New Facts About Fats

According to the orthodox concepts, it was believed that fat is bad for human health.

How To Stop Overeating

Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

The Connection Between Emotional Imbalances And Over Eating Revealed!

A lot of the trending diet plans like Paleo or Military diet have been unable to monolog the eating habits like emotional eating that often leads to problems such as overweighting.

Hillary Clinton Attends New York City Pride March

Health/Nutrition  14 December '16

Healthcare Practices In America Are Contributing To Marginalisation Of LGBT Communtity

Mental health disparities among sexual minority groups are well-documented. Numerous studies have demonstrated heightened prevalence of anxiety disorders among LGBT.

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Kids?

Health/Nutrition  13 December '16

Screen Time Has A Deep Impact On Child's Health

Parents must make sure to limit screen-time for their kids to ensure their health.

Remote Area Medical Treats Patients In Underserved Communities In Florida

Health/Nutrition  13 December '16

Insurers Lobbying To Overcome Health Challenges

Lawmakers are at odds with themselves over many details of an Obamacare replacement plan, with President-elect Donald Trump staying noncommittal to any details about health plans.

Pregnancy Guide for Dummies

Health/Nutrition  13 December '16

A Blog About Pregnancy: An Insight Of The Journey

Early days of pregnancy filled with caution and a long list of food and activity guidelines.

Long Distance Parenting

Health  12 December '16

Long Distance Parenting: What Impact Does It Have On Children?

Claudia Frys says that her parents had to leave but they made sure to support her in every possible way.

Zoo Lake Johannesburg

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Zoo Lake Incident Affect 33 Children's Health, Causing Breathing Problems

Toxic fumes came from a chemical that had been used to unblock a drain near the lake. The poisonous emissions spread inside toward the stream after strong winds blew in the children’s direction.

Palestinian Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets In Gaza

Body  12 December '16

'Eat Right, Exercise And Don't Smoke' Should America Heed This Urgent Call To Live Longer?

In the US, life expectancy data falls in 2015 against 2014 info. The same thing happened in 1993, would it be another cause for alarm this time?

Coping With Stress At Work

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Now Is The Critical Time To Protect Your Health

A good opportunity to review your health insurance plan has offered by the Open Enrollment. The two largest nation’s pharmacy benefit managers.

Lake Mead At Historic Low Levels Amid Drought In West

Health/Nutrition  11 December '16

Sunlight May Reduce Risk of Nearsightedness or Myopia

Exposure to sunlight may reduce the risk for nearsightedness, a new study reports.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Major Opinions On Abortion And Gun Rights

Health  11 December '16

What Texas Needs To Know In Its Epic Battle Against Abortion

In Texas, women who are contemplating on abortion are distributed with leaflets. FInd out why.

Dr. Jart+ for DKNY Fall/Winter 2016 Show

Health  11 December '16

The Perfect Skin Care Routine For Pregnant Women

What your skin needs when you're pregnant are all right here!

UNICEF Kid Power Washington DC Celebrates Impact of Local Kids Getting Active and Saving Lives

Health/Nutrition  10 December '16

Outdoor Activities Make Healthier Children

Early exposure to microbes will give children the best immune start to life.

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