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Health/Nutrition  25 November '16

New Health Plan Spins Off In Birmingham and Black Country

Monday, November 21, 2016, City hospitals across Birmingham and Black Country have launched a plan to revolutionize infant care and possibly reduce an estimated 34 baby deaths a year in the said regions and also, to save thousands of pounds as the demand for healthcare rises.

Health Care Activists Offer Free Health Screenings In Los Angeles

Body  24 November '16

Type 2 Diabetes UPDATE: Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable, and there are a number of ways available to avoid the disease.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Atlantic City

Body  24 November '16

Quit Being Lazy And Stop Smoking Today: It Hurts Your Children More Than It Hurts You

Exposing your children to second-hand cigarette smoke can make them prone to anti-social behavior and aggressive behavior.

Florida Residents Sign Up For Affordable Care Act On Deadline Day

Body  24 November '16

Why Do Most Children Lack Access To Essential Health Care

One in four children in the United States did not have access to essential health care, though a record number of young people now have health insurance.

Michelle Williams Visits Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta Before the Macy's Great Tree Lighting

Medicine  23 November '16

Health Care Still Not Accessible To Many Children In The U.S?

More than 20 million children in the United States still lack sufficient access to health care.

Family Farmed Expo Reconnects Farmers And Consumers

Body  23 November '16

New Study Suggests 'Butter' As Harmless

Butter has been reported to be detrimental to the health and is relatively unsafe; however, new studies suggest that butter has been known to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Simple Ways To Stay Healthy

Body  23 November '16

It’s Time To Think about It

Ten simple ways for you to be healthy, a simple advice perhaps doesn’t cost you too much all you need is a determination and endurance.

New Yorkers Enjoy Summer Weather In October

Autism  23 November '16

Along The Autism Spectrum: A Tour Through The Campus Life

The social challenges of people on the spectrum can impede their likelihood of thriving not only in college, but also after graduation.

2016 New York Taste Presented By Citi Hosted By New York Magazine

Feeding  23 November '16

Experimenting With Vegan Food While Delivering The Best Nutritional Punch To A Baby's Health

There are both a right and wrong way to raise a baby on vegan food. Those who get it wrong give the responsible ones a bad name.

University of Utah Researchers Work Toward Cure For Ebola Strains

Health/Nutrition  21 November '16

Drug-Resistant Germs: A Cause Of Serious Infections, Capable Of Uncountable Deaths?

World leaders are pushing to end the overuse of antibiotics and to encourage the development of new medicines.

Grana Padano And Lidia Bastianich Teach Healthy Eating With Kids

Family Life  20 November '16

Parenting Vs. Public Policies: Which Is More Influential In Childhood Cognitive Development?

Parents and family policies are equally important in societies but policies can support families and help children succeed.

Vigil Held For Nine-Year Old Jamyla Bolden Shot By Stray Bullet While Doing Homework

Toddler  19 November '16

Why Parents Should Ditch Spanking As A Form Of Discipline

It's pretty safe to assume that parents don't like being "the bad guy" in their kids' eyes,

Uninsured Family Of Farmers Plans To Opt Out Of Affordable Health Care Act

School Age  19 November '16

Recent Study Shows Dramatic Increase In Health Care Access Among U.S Children

A growing number of U.S. children have gained health insurance over the past decade.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

Toddler  19 November '16

What Are The Effects Of Stress For Children's Health

A stressful childhood might predispose some people to struggle with high blood pressure as adults.

UNICEF Kid Power Washington DC Celebrates Impact of Local Kids Getting Active and Saving Lives

School  19 November '16

Playing Sport Vs. School Performance: How Sports Can Have A Beneficial Effect On Academics

Sports can have a beneficial effect on academics. Students who do well in athletics often see a proportionate boost in school performance.

Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - Blue Moon Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats hosted by Rachael Ray

Health/Nutrition  18 November '16

Fatty Food And Mental Problems, Seems A Bit Weird Doesn't It?

Consumption of excessive amounts of fatty foods might lead to cognitive and psychiatric problems in children when they are older.

Tornadoes Touch Down Around Dodge City, Kansas Area

School Age  18 November '16

How Natural Disasters Affect Children With Aggressive Behaviors

Higher anxiety levels prior to disaster may serve as protective factor to after-effects in children.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  17 November '16

Protecting The Health Of Our Children Through Vaccinations

Health professionals stress the importance of vaccines, both children and adults, for the prevention of diseases.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  17 November '16

Why Women Should Not Smoke During Pregnancy

Pregnant women must be aware of the dangers of smoking before they puff that next cigarette stick.

UNICEF Next Generation Presents Its Fourth Annual UNICEF Masquerade Ball In Los Angeles

Health/Nutrition  16 November '16

Why Asia-Pacific Leaders Want To Ensure Children's Rights

Governments from across Asia-Pacific recently held a meeting to discuss ways to advance children’s rights in a number of critical areas.

Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

Health/Nutrition  15 November '16

Know The Looming Dangers Of Taking Vitamin Suppliments That Can Cause Depression

Vitamin supplements may be helpful, but research reveals that it can sometimes do more harm than good.

Devin McCourty Hosts Tackles Sickle Cell Casino Night To Benefit Boston Children's Hospital's Patients and Families

Health/Nutrition  15 November '16

Want To Get Rid Of Diabetes? Early Detection Is The Key

Obesity, especially severe obesity, increases risk of the development of prediabetes, which then progresses to diabetes.

Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - Street Eats hosted by Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina part of LOCAL presented by Delta Air Lines

School Age  15 November '16

Fast Food Corporations Are Thickening Their Wallets At The Cost Of Children's Health

If we can impose restrictions on the sale of alcohol and tobacco to safeguard children, we can do the same with other unhealthy products.

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