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New Relationship Markers On The Rise: Overpriced Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands Now Out Of Trend

Issues  24 April '17

New Relationship Markers On The Rise: Overpriced Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands Now Out Of Trend

Considering how much an engagement ring and wedding bank can cost, more couples skip the jewelry and turn to bank-friendly cohabiting and tattooing as relationship markers.

Beyoncé Shows Off Her Maternity Style On Instagram

Pregnancy  3 April '17

Beyoncé's Maternity Style: Queen B Nails Dressing A Baby Bump With These Best Looks [PHOTOS]

In February, Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy on social media and she's using the same platform to showcase her maternity style, much to the enjoyment of her followers.


News  2 February '17

Beyonce Announces She Has Two Buns In The Oven, Talks About Heartbreak Over Miscarriage

The multi-awarded singer and husband Jay-Z will soon welcome twin babies.

Kanye West Is Not Happy With Beyoncé & Jay Z. And Many Of His Fans Are Not Happy With Him

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  22 November '16

What's With Kanye West Ranting Beyoncé & Jay Z Onstage? Personal Or Political?

Kanye West rants Beyoncé & Jay Z during his concert, including Hillary Clinton, then cancelled the show prompting fans to hate him.

Beyonce's Husband Jay-Z Facing Lawsuit? Prince Record Label NPG Records Is Suing Tidal's Unauthorized Streaming Of The Late Singer's Hits

Dads  18 November '16

Beyonce, Jay-Z News & Updates: Jay-Z Facing Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Streaming Of Prince Hits

The famous rapper-businessman Jay-Z and his Tidal music streaming service are in big trouble for the unauthorized streaming of Prince's hits.

'Beyonce' Cries With Blue Ivy Over Trump's - Wants Michelle Obama For President In 2020,

Dads  14 November '16

Beyonce Fears For Blue Ivy After Donald Trump's Victory; Wants Michelle Obama As President In 2020?

Beyonce cries while holding daughter Blue Ivy after Donald Trump won as the new U.S. President. Is she planning a Michelle Obama for president campaign in 2020?

Beyonce & Her Barbie Family| Halloween 2016 | Lehren Hollywood

Celebrity Moms  3 November '16

Beyoncé's Family Is A Perfect Collection Of Barbie: Find Out Why Their Halloween Costume Is The Best

Beyonce's family wears the best Halloween Costume ever. Beyonce acted as Barbie, her husband as Ken and her daughter wearing all Barbie theme.

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Campaigns At Ohio Democratic Party Event In Columbus, Ohio

Politics  26 October '16

Jay Z Gives Hillary Clinton His Support By Holding A Free Concert In Cleveland Days Before The Election

The hip-hop mogul will hold a free 'Get Out The Vote' concert for Hillary Clinton.

Jay-Z Is First Ever Rapper to Have Songwriters Hall of Fame Nomination

Dads  26 October '16

Jay-Z Is The First Ever Rapper Nominated At Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Jay-Z makes history, having been the first-ever rapper to be nominated for Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Kanye and Jay-Z Feud: Kanye Rants Against Former Mentor, Jay-Z Calls Kanye a Nut Job

Dads  24 October '16

Kanye and Jay-Z Feud: Kanye Rants Against Former Mentor, Jay-Z Calls Kanye a Nut Job

Superstar rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z may not be as close as people think they are, as evidence by Kanye's recent rant against Jay-Z, and Jay-Z calling Kanye a nut job.

2016 US Open - Day 4

null  22 October '16

Beyonce Is Having A Second Child? Is She Pregnant Or Are They Thinking Of Adoption?

Beyonce, who is hailed as the queen of the music scene is said to be planning a second child with her husband, Jay Z. Reports about this matter have been all around the Internet since October 20.

Nicki Minaj

TV/ Movie  12 October '16

Nicki Minaj Latest News And Updates: Rapper Says She Can Do Whatever Jay Z Can, Talks Friendship With Beyonce And Empowering Women

Nicki Minaj talked about the power of women as well as doing what Jay Z can.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  9 October '16

Beyonce 'Formation' Tour Guests Serena Williams, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar? 'Lemonade' Singer Comeback Pulled Big Guns?

Queen Bey may have taken a rest after doctors advised her to do so, but her comeback just made everyone drop their jaws.

Alexander Wang - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015

Infant  4 October '16

Strange Baby Names On The Rise: How Millennials’ Individualistic Culture Affects The Trend

More babies are being given strange names by their millennial parents. Experts says that this trend is highly attributed to millennials' individualistic culture and being less bothered by social rules.

Day Twelve: The Championships - Wimbledon 2016

News  30 August '16

MTV VMA 2016: Beyoncé Slayed the Night While Rihanna and Drake Ignited Their Relationship Rumors

Read on to get a glimpse of what happened druing the VMA.

Miguel Cotto v Canelo Alvarez

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  25 May '16

Jay Z Reacts To Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’: Calls Their Marriage ‘Survival Of The Littlest’

Jay Z finally revealed his reaction to his wife's marriage complains.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers

News  17 May '16

Apple Martin Shared A Snap With Blue Ivy On Her Birthday: Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Reunited

The daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Apple, celebrated with Beyonce and Jay-Z's child, Blue Ivy.

2011 US Open - Day 15

News  3 May '16

Beyonce And Jay-Z Divorce: Couple Worth $1 Billion, Not Divorcing Because Too Much Money Is Involved

According to new reports, Beyonce and Jay-Z will not proceed with their divorce because it involves too much money.

Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Opening Night In Miami

null  29 April '16

Beyonce's 'Formation' Tour Kicks Off

The start of Beyonce's Formation World Tour was what many of her fans waited for. The kickoff in Miami witnessed what the diva has in store for her supporters all around the world.

Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

News  28 April '16

Parental Abuse, 'Lemonade': Beyonce's Father Forced To Speak Up About Controversial Song 'Daddy Lessons'

Parental abuse became an issue when fans reacted to the "Lemonade" track "Daddy Lessons," leading to questions of Matthew Knowles' treatment of Beyonce.

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets - Game Six

News  27 April '16

Beyonce, Jay-Z 'Lemonade' Cheating Controversy: Queen B's Unofficial Biographer Says Album Not About Jay-Z's Infidelity

Unofficial biographer of Beyonce said "Lemonade" is not about Jay Z's cheating.

Alexandra Agoston and Rachel Roy at the Zimmermann Show - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015

Family Life  26 April '16

Beyonce, Jay Z, Rachel Roy Triangle: 'Lemonade' Singer & 'Empire State Of Mind' Rapper Paid Mom Of 2 For Publicity?

The Beyonce, Jay Z and Rachel Roy triangle is causing a stir but a report suggests that this affair reference may be a publicity strategy for "Lemonade."

'China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Alternative Vie

Family Life  26 April '16

Beyonce, Jay-Z Divorce Update: 'Lemonade' Album Revealed Telltale Signs Of Cheating; Rapper Cheated On 'Independent' Singer?

Jay-Z may have cheated on Beyonce as what Queen B's "Lemonade" album implies.

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