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Legalized Marijuana Bad For Pregnant Moms

Health  6 March '17

Legalized Marijuana Use Still Bad For Pregnant Women, Experts Issue Reminder

Listen up, moms! Cannabis might be legal in many U.S. states but this doesn't make it safe for pregnancy.

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Push Legalized Marijuana

Body  5 March '17

Justin Trudeau Says Legalized Marijuana Protects Young People, Canada PM Won't Decriminalize Illicit Drugs Except Pot

The prime minister discussed legalization of drugs among health experts and first responders in Vancouver, which declared a state of emergency on drug overdose.

Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry

Teens/Young Adults  27 January '17

Driving High On Marijuana: Parents Need To Discuss Dangers With Teenage Kids, Young Adults

A good talk will go a long way especially since pot smoking is legal in many states today.

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medicine  5 December '16

New Policies For Marijuana Awaits Oregon After Adversed Changes In The Industry

New rules in marijuana selling and production are up in Oregon.

Los Angeles To Not Enforce Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

Medicine  14 July '16

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Agree On One Issue: Marijuana Should Be Legalized - Here's What The Presidential Nominees Say [VIDEOS]

The two presidential candidates may be in opposing political parties, but they have the same ideals and notions about marijuana and whether or not this should be legal in the whole country.

Medicare Products Cheaper Because of Competition With Marijuana

Medicine  9 July '16

Medicare Drugs Cost Lower Than Before Because of Legalized Marijuana in 25 States

Parmaceutical companies are currently worried because of the legalization of Marijuana in the 25 States. Medicare has already been bargaining stuffs recently.

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