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New Malaria Vaccine

Parenting  25 April '17

Three African Nations Getting First Batch Of New Malaria Vaccine?

Three AfricannNations will get to test the first batch of the new malaria vaccine believed to save thousands.


Health/Nutrition  23 February '17

New Vaccine Undergoes Tests For Zika Protection, Prevention Of Malaria, West Nile And Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Experts at the National Institutes of Health are testing the vaccine that will hopefully curb diseases from mosquito bites.

Bird Flu Increases The Threat To Chicken Farmers Livelihoods

Body  22 July '16

Malaria News: Chickens Emit Odor That Repel Mosquitoes Carrying Disease

A study conducted in Ethiopia found chicken odor repels malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

WHO Makes Progress Battling Drug Resistant Malaria In Cambodia

Medicine  11 May '16

Sanaria Makes Malaria Vaccine With Strong Potential To Cure The Disease

Sanaria hopes to provide protection to children in Africa, as well as to travelers, expatriate workers and military personnel going to malaria-infected areas.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  27 April '16

Yellow Fever Global Crisis: WHO Warns Of A Deadly Outbreak In Angola

What could have been an easily prevented disease turned into an outbreak due to a shortage of yellow fever vaccine.

Southern Sudan's Independence Referendum Vote Passes 60 Percent Participation Validation Mark

Health/Nutrition  27 April '16

Malaria Outbreak: Almost 3,000 People Have Died In Angola During 1st Quarter Of 2016

Learn more details about this dangerous epidemic that has claimed the lives of many people.

African baby with malaria

Pregnancy  16 March '16

Study Questions Malaria Preventive for Pregnant Women, Say It Is Doing More Bad Than Good

A group of experts questions the effectivity of the malaria preventive measure used for pregnant women.

Poverty A Central Election Issue in the Philippines

Health/Nutrition  16 March '16

More Than 12 Million Die Yearly Due To Unhealthy Environment, According To WHO

Find out more about the dangers of living and working in an unhealthy environment.

George Osborne And Bill Gates Discuss Their Joint Efforts In The Fight Against Malaria

Health/Nutrition  26 January '16

Bill Gates and U.K. Join Forces to Fight Malaria

"We are optimistic that in our lifetimes we can eradicate malaria."

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Health/Nutrition  29 July '15

Experts Warn 'Leaky' Vaccines May Make Diseases More Dangerous

Vaccines have been hailed as lifesavers as they protect children against a number of diseases, many of which are lethal.

WHO Makes Progress Battling Drug Resistant Malaria In Cambodia

Health/Nutrition  18 June '15

New Malaria Treatment Could be the Answer, Drug Trials Successful in Preventing Infection & Transmission

Researchers are testing a new drug that has show promise during trials. The new anti-malaria treatment has shown promise in tackling some of the emerging drug-resistant strains of the disease making the race to find a treatment a priority.

Global warming increases malaria risk in higher-altitude areas

Health/Nutrition  7 March '14

Global warming increases malaria risk in higher-altitude areas

Global warming magnifies the risk for malaria for those living in regions of higher altitudes, a study in the US journal Science said Thursday.


Health/Nutrition  8 October '13

GSK aims to market world's first malaria vaccine

British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline will seek marketing approval for the world's first malaria vaccine next year after trial data showed the shot significantly cut cases of the disease in African children.

Malaria vaccine

Health/Nutrition  9 August '13

Malaria Vaccine May be on the Horizon, Researchers Say

U.S. researchers announced Thursday a breakthrough in the search for a malaria vaccine which could potentially save millions of lives per year.

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