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17-Year-Old Cannot Process Food Due To Rumination

Children  22 April '17

Teen Unable To Digest Food For 6 Years Gets Free Treatment For Rumination - What Is It?

Mya, 17, feeds thru a tube as she vomits any food she takes due to a condition called rumination. Find out what it is in this story.

Step Up Women's Network's Third Annual 'Step Up For Yoga and Health'

School  15 December '16

The Power Of Meditation: Know The Benefits Of Adding Meditation As Part Of The School's Daily Activities

Meditation does not only calm the mind, but it also helps the child overall well-being.

Obesity Epidemic Hits California

Health/Nutrition  2 December '16

Fitness Alert: Find Out What Could Be The Best And Most Powerful Weight Loss Regimen In The World

Fashion models usually include yoga in their fitness regimen. A lot of weight watchers consider meditation as an important part of their routine. Or simply by being watchful of one’s diet. This could well be part of a successful weight loss program.

What Are The Things that May Help You Child To Have Relieved Mind

School Age  11 November '16

Meditational Benefits For Children Stress Reliever

In helping kids release negative thoughts, actions and in building their self-confidence, meditation has proven very effective.

After The Museum: The Home Front 2013 Press Preview

Mind  13 October '16

Mindfulness: Transforming Into An Awesome Parent Is Not By Magic

When the daily grind and pressure, children's needs and even tantrums threaten to overwhelm, this may help with dealing better.

Shaolin Monks Rehearse Ahead Of Their New Show

Behavior  8 September '16

Children Need To Learn Yoga And Meditation To Unplug From The Online World

According to reports, children will be able to withdraw from the counterproductive online world when they learn the art of "mindfulness" through yoga sessions.

Government Plans Education Summit

School  5 June '16

Quiet Time Program: Meditation Helps Close Achievement Gap in Schools

Meditation plays a vital role in some schools in improving students’ performance and in closing the achievement gap between poor city children and affluent suburban kids.

Maria Sharapova practices Yoga

Mind  12 May '16

Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation Include Reduction Of Dementia Risk, Study Says

There are many benefits to practicing yoga and meditation but a healthier brain activity might just be the best.

China Daily Life - Day of Yoga

Mind  11 May '16

Alzheimer's News, Updates: Yoga And Meditation Highly Effective Against Mental Decline

Doing yoga helps minimize signs of mental decline, scientists have found.

Maria Sharapova practices Yoga

Mind  1 May '16

5-Minute Meditation Helps You Focus Better, Here's How To Do It

Here's six simple steps to practice a successful 5-minute meditation.

Followers Of Falun Gong Meditate On The Mall In Washington Dc August 1 1999

Health/Nutrition  25 April '16

Regular Meditation Could Help Brain Become 7 Years Younger

People who undergo regular meditation could knock seven years off the brain since the practice triggers new brain cells.

Westin Partners With Headspace To Launch Global Westin Well-Being Movement

Parenting  14 April '16

3 Benefits Of Meditation That Would Do Wonders In Parenting; No. 3 Will Shock You

Master the art and science of conscious parenting through meditation.

Shaolin Monks Rehearse Ahead Of Their New Show

Family Life  8 March '16

The Best 3 Benefits Of Silence To Your Brain; No. 2 Will Make You Drop Your Jaw

Here are the three amazing things that silence could do to your brain.

Internet Addiction

Family Life  1 March '16

Concentration Killers: Top 5 Daily Distractions And How To Deal With Them

Discover how you can stay focused despite life's many distractions.

Children Practice Yoga

Health/Nutrition  23 February '16

Meditation Practices Helps Children Manage Stress

Children who practice mindfulness expand their consciousness. They are more calm in dealing stressful situations.

Regular Meditation Found to be as Effective in Addressing Depression as Antidepressants

Health/Nutrition  7 January '14

Regular Meditation Found to be as Effective in Addressing Depression as Antidepressants

Daily meditation of at least 30 minutes may help people suffering from depression and anxiety deal with their condition, just like taking antidepressant medication, IBTimes reports.

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