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Peanut Butter Prices Set To Rise Up To 30 Percent

Feeding  7 January '17

Peanuts Can Prevent Allergies In Children

Peanuts, along with delicious taste, have a positive health impact and help prevent allergies in babies.

Food Allergy Kills 11-year old Boy

Health/Nutrition  7 December '16

Mom Warns About Food Allergies After 11-year-old Son Dies

Red Sneakers is a campaign launched by the Debbs family after the death of 11-year old son Oakley who died after eating a pound cake with nuts.

Lewis Road Creamery's New 'Breast Milk' Comes Under Scrutiny With Breastfeeding Advocates

Pregnancy  8 March '16

Breast Milk Can Cause Food Allergies in Babies

Breast milk can cause babies to develop food allergies. Mothers should always be mindful of what to eat so they can prevent further allergic reactions in the future.

peanut allergy

Food  8 March '16

Exposing Babies To Peanuts At The Early Age May Save Them From Peanut Allergy

A recent research might be the possible solution to save children from the potentially life-threatening peanut allergies.


News  7 March '16

Study: Children at Risk for Peanut Allergy Can Develop a Lasting Tolerance With Supervised Exposure Therapy

A new study revealed that supervised exposure therapy can last in children who are at risk of being allergic to peanuts.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Food  6 March '16

Peanut Butter Wonder: Study Reveals Peanuts and Peanut Butter May Prevent Childhood Obesity

A recent study has revealed that snacking on peanuts and/or peanut butter can have a positive effect on your body mass index (BMI).

Eating nuts

Food  5 March '16

Eating Nuts Can Prolong And Lower Risk Of Diseases According To Study

Eating nuts can extend life for a couple of years and lower the risk of cause-specific mortality.

 Peanut Allergies

Health/Nutrition  31 October '13

CDC Rolls Out New Food Allergy Guidelines for Schools

It's a great day for parents of children with good allergies - the federal government is issuing its first guidelines to schools on how to protect children with food allergies.

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