Meal Prep for the Week - Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Parenting Woes: How To Prepare Nutritious Food For Kids Despite Busy Schedules

Preparing nutritious food for the family can be difficult for busy parents but there are kitchen secrets that would help parents manage their time at work and in the kitchen.

by alexa ancheta

The Salvation Army Provides Hope For Both Children And Parents This Christmas

How The Salvation Army Provides Hope For Both Children And Parents This Christmas

The Salvation Army is known for giving out toys to children in need during the holidays but this season, it's not only the kids they're helping.

by Avery McClaren

Organic Winery In Napa Valley Begins In Harvest

Your Drink Of Choice Tells A LOT About Your Parenting Style! Here's How

A person's drink of choice indicates what kind of a parent they are. It turns out that drinks hold a deeper meaning when it comes to raising children.

by Olivia Reese

The Billionaire Founder Of The Corona Beer Brewery May Not Have Made His co-Spanish Villagers Cash Loaded But He Contributed A Lot More

Lasting Legacy Of Corona Beer Founder To Residents Of His Native Spanish Village Is Not About Money

Corona beer founder may not have left £2 million inheritance to each resident of his native Spanish village in his will but they mourn on his legacy as a generous philanthropist.

by Grace Jones

The Impossible Reservation: Philadelphia, Presented By Audi

Hungry for Labor Day Vacation: New Survey Shows People Travel For The Food Alone

If your family is heading out of town this Labor Day weekend, the discussion around food more than likely covered where to make dinner reservations, local food markets to sample and lunch spots with the best views. You're not alone in making food a part of your vacation planning, with more than eight of 10 people saying they get most excited about trying the local food and restaurants on their vacations, according to a recent study by Harry & David.

by Staff Reporter

Oktoberfest 2015 - General Features Day 1

Children Under 14 Years Old Encouraged By Their Parents To Drink Alcohol

Churchill Home Insurance's survey found that parents use alcohol to bribe their kids into obedience. Some even allow children as young as five to seven allow the youngsters to drink at home, while others don't have any negative views about minors drinking.

by Samantha Finch

Bringing Hearing To The Children Of Lesotho

L.L.Bean’s Water Bottle For Children Recalled: High Levels Of Toxic Lead Found

According to the CPSC, high levels of lead in the solder bead were found at the water bottle's exterior base. The bottles are made in China and distributed in the U.S. by a company in Spokane, Washington.

by Samantha Finch

Price Of Chocolate To Rise, As Demand Increases From Emerging Markets

World Chocolate Day: Treat Yourself With These 5 Delicious Chocolate Recipes

The annual World Chocolate Day celebration is the perfect time to indulge in the world's favorite dessert. Try these five delicious chocolate recipes that you can create right in the comfort of your own homes.

by Samantha Finch

Egg Prices Rise 40 Percent After Major Salmonella Outbreak

Stay Off The Birds: Live Poultry Linked To Salmonella Outbreak in 35 US States

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health warning following the recent salmonella outbreak in 35 states. CDC officials have warned people against coming into direct contact with live poultry such as chicks and ducklings.

by Arvin Matthew

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Acquired By JAB Holding Co For $1.35 Billion

Get Your FREE Donuts Today: What Do You Know About National Donut Day?

Free donuts are available across America and other parts of the globe in celebration of the National Donut Day, a tradition started by The Salvation Army.

by Zee Mara

Chick-fil-A Embattled In Controversy Over Anti-Gay Marriage Remarks

Why More Families Dine At Chick-fil-A Instead Of KFC

Chick-fil-A is attracting more families than KFC, and here's why.

by Sno-Ann Digon


Quaker Issues Quinoa Granola Bar Recalls Due to Listeria Concerns

Quaker Oats Company recalls its quinoa granola bars due to listeria contamination concerns which may cause several serious and fatal symptoms.

by Diane Palmer

Coach 3rd Annual Evening Of Cocktails And Shopping To Benefit The Children's Defense Fund Hosted By Katie McGrath, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom News & Update: 'Roar' Singer, ’LOTR' Boyfriend Survive Selena Episode? Friendship With Justin Bieber's Ex Possible?

"Roar" singer Katy Perry and boyfriend Orlando Bloom continue strong as they PDA at the Cannes despite recent news accusing the "LOTR" actor of cheating with Selena Gomez.

by Zee Mara

One-Room School Struggles With IRS Error

Teens Who Eat More Fruits And Vegetables Have Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer Later On

Eating more fruits as an adolescent could help lower a person's risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.

by Diane Palmer

Fun And Fit As A Family Sponsored By Carnival Featuring Goya Kidz Kitchen - 2015 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival

FDA: 'Healthy' Labels On Food Products Need To Be Redefined

After a year-long battle with KIND granola bar, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to reevaluate the “healthy” description for every food product.

by Belle Smith

Coffee Shop Drinks Found To Contain Excessive Amounts Of Sugar

Say Goodbye To Starbucks: Global Warming Will Halt 80 Percent Of Countries' Coffee Production By 2050

Your daily dose of Starbucks is under threat. Global warming is on the verge of halting production of coffee farms.

by Samantha Finch

Blue Moon Burger Bash Presented By Pat LaFrieda Meats Hosted By Rachael Ray - Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By FOOD & WINE

Clear Labs: Your Burger May Contain Unexpected Ingredients Such As Rat DNA

Clear Labs found traces of rat and human DNA on the burger samples.

by Alexie Summer

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. Faces Shareholder Lawsuits

"Ky-rispy Kreme" : Nike Teams Up with the Donut Company For Kylie Irving Sneakers

Krispy Krema teamed up with Nike in marketing their sneakers.

by Abbie Kraft

Growers And Enthusiasts Enjoy The RHS London Harvest Festival Show

Know Why Carrots Are Orange: Gene Found May Enhance Other Crops

Finding the Y-gene may be the key in making other staple vegetables rich in other nutrients.

by Alexie Summer

Healthy Breakfast

7 Ways To Wake Yourself Up In The Morning Without Drinking Coffee, Scientists Suggest

For sleepyheads, here are 7 tips from scientists that you can try to wake yourself up in the morning and stay alert throughout the day without having to drink coffee.

by Beatrice Walters

Salmonella Outbreak Linked To California Chickens

Foster Farms Recall Chicken Nuggets For Nasty Toxic Ingredients

Blue plastic and black rubber were found to be among the ingredients of these Foster Farms chicken nuggets.

by Sno-Ann Digon

Baldness Drug Shows Promise And Danger In Fighting Cancer

Caffeine In Coffee Can Cure Baldness, Research Suggested

Some men even in their prime years are already starting to experience hair thinning that can lead to hair loss. A new discovery could be an answer to this problem of men.

by Mark Oliver

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