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Ann Coulter

Parenting  24 April '17

Some UC Berkeley Students Protest Ann Coulter's Visit While Conservatives Demand Rescheduling

University of California-Berkeley students have been clashing over the visit of Ann Coulter.

Bernie Sanders

Issues  24 April '17

Bernie Sanders Defends Endorsement Of Anti-Abortion Democrat Mayoral Candidate

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders stood by his ground that he will support the Democratic mayoral candidate who is no pro-abortion.


Health/Nutrition  14 March '17

52 Million Americans To Lose Health Insurance If Obamacare Replacement Bill Passes House, Senate?

The GOP recently issued the plan regarding the repeal and replace bill to remove ObamaCare and now many are asking if the bill will be passed in the House and the Senate and how many Americans could lose their health insurance.

Obamacare Repeal

Health/Nutrition  15 February '17

Obamacare Repeal: Uninsured Number Of Americans Reach Record Low; Will Repeal Really Push Through?

The uncertainty surrounding the ObamaCare repeal caused many Americans to become uninsured.

Trump's Selection For Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Testifies During Her Senate Confirmation Hearing

School  3 February '17

Republicans To Abandon Betsy DeVos? Education Secretary Nominee Loses Support, Faces Potential Rejection

Democrats, who will be voting against her as a block, only need three Republican votes to reject DeVos.

Paul Ryan Holds 'Enrollment Ceremony' For Bill To Repeal Affordable Care Act

Health/Nutrition  28 January '17

Obamacare Repeal: Can The Cassidy Bill Revoke Affordable Care Act?

Republicans have started planning to officially cancel Obamacare.

President Elect Trump Continues His 'Thank You Tour' In Grand Rapids, Michigan

School  19 January '17

Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Fails, Gets Grilled In Her Senate Confirmation

Democrats sees her as unfit for the position but Republicans hail her visions as uncommon and likely good for reforms.

DJ Khaled Visits Harvard University to Host Get Schooled Snapchat College Tour and Meet With Harvard Business School Students

School  28 December '16

Racist College? UW-Madison Defends 'The Problem of Whiteness' Class After Republicans Call For Its Removal

It's under the African Cultural Studies program of the university.

Is This Your Last Chance To Get An IUD?

Pregnancy  11 November '16

Should Women Get An IUD ASAP? Birth Control Demands Flock After Donald Trump's Win

Birth control demands increased after Donald Trump successfully won the presidential seat.

Jennifer Lawrence

Dads  11 November '16

Jennifer Lawrence News: 'Hunger Games' Star Pens A Powerful And Emotional Letter About Donal Trump's Victory; Americans Should NOT Fear

Jennifer Lawrence pens an opinion editorial encouraging people to get mad over Donald Trump's victory.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Nat'l Education Association Representative Assembly

School  25 October '16

US Education Sector Jittery With Hillary Clinton? Democrat Nominee As ‘POTUS’ Not The Panacea To Save Deteriorating State Of America’s Education System

The 2016 presidential election has been characterized by mudslinging prompting the education sector to evaluate who among Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would provide the best program for U.S. education.

Melania Trump And Donald Trump At the Convention

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  11 October '16

Donald Trump Latest News: Melania Divorcing Her Presidential Candidate Husband After Trump Tapes Expose?

Has Melania, wife of Donald Trump, had enough of antics by The Donald? Is the US Presidential candidate's wife filing for divorce? Read more.

Marco Rubio Attends Final Campaign Push Ahead Of Florida Senate Primary

Health  7 September '16

New TV Ad Attacks Marco Rubio’s Anti-Abortion Stance For Zika-Infected Women

Marco Rubio has boldly expressed that he is “strongly pro-life” and that all human life “should be protected by our law, irrespective of the circumstances or condition of that life." As an open criticicism, NARAL Pro-Choice America is paying $175,000 for a TV ad against Rubio's abortion stance.

 North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

School  2 September '16

North Carolina Judge Rules That Transgenders Are No Threat To Public Safety, Slams McCrory's Anti-LGBT Law

Conservative Judge Schroeder prohibited University of North Carolina to implement portions of the House Bill 2 that pertains to requiring everyone to use the restroom and locker room based on their birth gender.

Donald Trump Holds Town Hall In Colorado Springs

News  23 August '16

US Elections: Trump's Youngest Campaign Manager Is 12-Year-Old Colorado Boy

Trump's youngest campaign manager lives in Colorado and is helping his mother to campaign for the GOP nominee through coordinating with volunteers and getting people to vote.

Hillary Clinton Testifies Before Senate Hearing On Benghazi Attacks

Family Life  12 August '16

Parents Sue Hillary Clinton For The Death Of Their Children In 2012 Benghazi Siege

Pat Smith and Charles Woods filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, accusing the Democrat nominee for the death of their children in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Holds Rally In Ashburn, Virginia

Politics  4 August '16

Unexpected Trump Rally Highlights: Child Yells Profane Words Against Clinton; Trump Calls Out Crying Baby

Donald Trump is reaching headlines again after his election rally at Briar Woods High School where he targeted a crying baby in the microphone, and where a child from the media section shouted, to take Hillary Clinton 'down'.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Holds Rally In Ashburn, Virginia

Politics  3 August '16

Trump-Khan Feud Continues: Military Veterans Berate The GOP Nominee For Disparaging Gold Star Families

Bipartisan military veterans demand for an apology from Trump after denigrating the sacrifices of their families to secure the safety of the American nation.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Davenport, Iowa

Politics  3 August '16

GOP Presidential Nominee Trump Losing In Feud Against Parents Of Slain Muslim-American Soldier

Trump's ratings have plummeted and some Republicans are not taking his side over dispute with parents of slain Muslim-American army captain.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Speaks At The Center For American Progress On The American Middle Class

School  16 July '16

Senator Elizabeth Warren And Democrats Push For Regulations To Prevent Another Trump University To Open Again

Democrat Senators are requesting selected government departments to create online tools that would help potential students to identify fraudulent schools.

Detroit Teachers Hold Rally And 'Sick Out' To Protest Working Conditions

School  10 June '16

Snyder Approves Bill Passed By Senate And House, Believes New School District Would Restore Local Control

New bills were passed by the House and the Senate to help Detroit public schools recover from its debts by bailing out $617 million to build a new debt-free district and pay the incurred debts since 2009.

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 3

School  8 June '16

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Donates $25,000 To Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Before Cancelling Involvement In Trump University Fraud Probe

Pam Bondi's office received a $25,000 donation from Donald Trump before announcing it won't be joining the New York probe on allegations of fraud against Trump University.

Anti-Abortion Groups Pray At Supreme Court At Opening Of New Session

News  20 May '16

Oklahoma State Passes An Anti-Abortion Bill, Criminalizing The Procedure And Delicensing Practitioners

An anti-abortion bill awaits the decision of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to put it into law, criminalizing abortion.

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