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Health/Nutrition  27 March '16

Digital Mammograms Could Possibly Detect Heart Disease Risk, Aside From Breast Cancer Prevention

Women often get a mammography done in an effort to prevent the development of breast cancer, although a new study suggests that digital mammography could help detect heart disease risks as well.


Health/Nutrition  18 March '16

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Discover some tips that can help prevent breast cancer.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  16 March '16

New Study Reveals That Women Who Stopped Smoking Due To Pregnancy Would Go Back Doing It Again

Pregnant women who tried to quit smoking during pregnancy went back to smoking again after 6 months, new study claim.

smoking woman

Toddler  14 March '16

Mother's Smoking Habit May Contribute to a Child's Development of COPD During Adulthood, Study Reveals

A recent study revealed that they have found a direct connection between a mother's smoking habits and a child's risk of developing COPD.

passive smoking

Health/Nutrition  8 March '16

Obesity and Poor School Performance Directly Linked to Early Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke

A recent study found evidence that can link exposure to second-hand smoke to poor school performance and obesity.

Angina Pectoris Woman

Health/Nutrition  7 March '16

Heart Attack Risk In Young Women Has Significantly Increased, According To Study

Discover why heart attack risk in young women has increased in the past few years.

Teen smoking marijuana

News  27 February '16

Smoking Marijuana Early in Life Can Affect Brain Development, Study Reveals

Smoking marijuana early can have a profound effect on brain development.

Couple in bed

Family Life  24 February '16

Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Things That Can Deflate Erection

You can prevent erectile dysfunction by learning its different causes.

Neanderthal Type

Health/Nutrition  18 February '16

Depression, Smoking Connected to Neanderthal DNA: Study

Depression and smoking can also be inherited.

Expecting couple relaxing inside a hammock

Pregnancy  17 February '16

Having Problems Conceiving? Here Are 8 Tips To Improve Fertility

Increase your chances of getting pregnant by following some simple lifestyle changes.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy  10 February '16

Having Problems Conceiving? Learn The Different Pregnancy Factors To Improve Your Chances

Learning the different aspects and factors that affect a woman's fertility can go a long way into helping you conceive.

Real Estate Boom Threatens One Of Berlin's Oldest Taverns

Parenting  16 December '15

Cigarettes, Passive Smoking Linked to Infertility, Early Menopause, Shows Study

Smoking or passive smoking may result to infertility or early menopause.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Parenting  14 December '15

Pregnancy Warning: Smoking Affects Male Kids' Aerobic Fitness

A new study suggested that smoking during pregnancy may harm the later-life aerobic fitness of male offsprings.

15th Annual AFI Awards - Red Carpet

News  14 October '15

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Kids: Celeb Dad Said The Kids Were 'The Only Thing That Got Me To Quit' Pot, Smoking

It is a well-known fact that like most vices, smoking is dangerous for your health. However, kicking a bad habit and staying clean is quite difficult for most people, including Hollywood A-list star Brad Pitt. According to the other half of Brangelina, only one thing caused him to stop smoking cigarettes and marijuana — his kids.

New Law Bans Public Smoking In Beijing

Health/Nutrition  12 October '15

Is This What's Going To Kill One-Third Of China's Young Men?

A new study has revealed a startling prediction, one in three young Chinese men will die from smoking.

Woman smoking a cigarette

Health/Nutrition  23 July '15

Chronic Smoking Linked To Increased Risk of Death From Breast Cancer

Smoking has been linked to worsening several illnesses like lung disease, liver disease and asthma to name a few. However, apart from the aforementioned diseases, smoking has a lethal effect to patients with breast cancer as well. A recent study suggests that chronic smoking reduces the chances of survival for women with breast cancer.

Under the care of second-hand smoke

News  23 June '15

Second Hand Smoke May Make Kids Prone to Weight Issues

Parents should stay away from their children when smoking. A new research has revealed that toddlers with smoking parents have a higher chance of having a wider waist and a higher body mass index (BMI) when they reached ten years old.

2015 General Election - Life In The North Of England

Health/Nutrition  29 May '15

Smoking Parents Cause Poverty in Kids

Parents who smoke plunge their children to poverty.

Anti-smoking laws

Parenting  28 March '14

Anti-smoking laws reduce asthma cases and preterm births

Anti-smoking laws are linked to reduced asthma cases in children and premature births, an international study suggests.

Quitting smoking linked to improved mood

Health/Nutrition  12 March '14

Quit smoking to feel happier, study finds

Smokers who quit are shown to benefit from an improved mood according to a recent review of past studies.

Are e-cigarettes a gateway to traditional cigarette use?

Health/Nutrition  7 March '14

Are e-cigarettes a gateway to using traditional cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are in fact a gateway to smoking traditional cigarettes, a recent study says.

Smoking may change teenagers' brain structure

Health/Nutrition  4 March '14

Smoking may change teenagers' brain structure

Smoking may change the brain structure in teenagers, a new study suggests.

Secondhand smoke exposure linked to pregnancy loss

Health/Nutrition  3 March '14

Secondhand smoke exposure linked to pregnancy loss

Secondhand smoking is linked to pregnancy loss, including miscarriage, stillbirth and tubal ectopic pregnancy, according to new research.

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