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Michael Phelps Talks Fatherhood

Dads  24 April '17

Michael Phelps: On Fatherhood, Teaching His Son Water Safety And His Comeback

After receiving multiple medals during the last Olympics, Michael Phelps is enjoying retirement with his 11-month-old son Boomer. Will he return to compete in swimming?

Toddlers Causing Pool Contamination

Toddler  10 January '17

Why Parents Are Worried About Pool Contamination

Authorities have warned parents on pool contamination from kids of all ages who do not practice proper hygiene.

Floating Pool Opens In Brooklyn

Health/Nutrition  4 July '16

Water Safety: Wearable Warning Device Helps Parents Protect Their Kids From Drowning Accidents

The device is already being used at the YMCA all around America. It's also available for purchase via Amazon so families can privately use this during trips.

Sydney's Water Babies

Early Learning  27 June '16

At Age Five, a Child May Be Given Formal Swimming Lessons Because They Can Already Take Instructions

Parents should supervise their children's introduction to swimming and safety near and inside the swimming people.

Record Rains Spawn Epic Floods In Austin, Texas Hill Country

Health/Nutrition  30 March '16

How Safe Is The Water In Public Schools?

Experts say that lead contamination has been found in schools nationwide.

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