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Toddler  20 January '17

Ohio Mother Faces Charges After Showing Child Taped To The Wall Via Facebook Live

A mother took to Facebook to show her son taped to the wall.


Toddler  20 January '17

North Kentucky Daycare Employee Faces Child Abuse Charges

A North Kentucky daycare employee was arrested after she was accused of physically abusing children.

Betsy DeVos

Education  20 January '17

Could Betsy DeVos' School Choice Lead To Major Legislature Changes?

Donald Trump's secretary of Education pick Betsy DeVos made it clear that she supports school choice.

International Students

Education  20 January '17

International Students Ponder On Future In US Under Trump Administration; New Research Claims Dwindling Numbers Not Because Of New President

The number of international students studying in the United States started to decrease in the recent years and now more international students wonder about their future in the country with Donald Trump as the president.

Manny Gutierrez

Family Life  19 January '17

A Father's Love: First Male Maybelline Ambassador Manny Gutierrez's Father Shoots Back At Hateful Blogger, Says He Supports Son

Manny Gutierrez, the first male Maybelline ambassador was bashed by a blogger and his father came to his defense.

Georgia teen

Teen  19 January '17

Suicide Leading Cause Of Death Among Utah Teenagers? Experts Advise Parents To Speak To Their Kids About Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death among teens in Utah.

Russell Yates

Family Life  19 January '17

Two Missing Sisters Found Alive After 31 Years, Father Relieved Kids Are Safe And Well

Two children snatched in 1985 were found alive.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy  18 January '17

New Research Says More Sex Means Healthier Pregnancy, Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant For Couples Undergoing IVF

A new research claims that more sex could lead to healthier pregnancies.


Education  18 January '17

Shakira Receives Humanitarian Award At World Economic Forum; Colombian Singer Calls For More Early Childhood Education, Nurture Future Leaders

Shakira is this year's recipient of the Humanitarian Award at the World Economic Forum.

Noor Salman

Family Life  17 January '17

Florida Night Club Shooter Omar Mateen's Widow Arrested In San Francisco Home, Faces Federal Charges

The widow of Omar Mateen, the Florida night club shooter, was arrested on Monday.

Grace Packer

Teen  17 January '17

Teenager Killed, Raped Due To Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend's Fantasy Remembered As Kind; Birth Parents Attend Memorial For Her

A memorial took place in honor of the teenager who was raped and killed by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

Antioch shooting

Teen  17 January '17

16-Year-Old Antioch Shooting Suspects Kill Two Other Teenagers, Face Homicide Charges

The suspects in Antioch shooting have been identified.

Betsy DeVos

Education  17 January '17

Betsy DeVos’ Appointment Raises Student Loan Concerns; Former Education Secretary Gives Advice To Donald Trump's Pick

Betsy DeVos is being questioned by many regarding the student loan matter.

Katie Nash

Education  16 January '17

Punishment Too Harsh? Maryland School Employee Fired For Responding To Student's Mispelled Twitter Post

A Maryland school employee was fired over a tweet asking a student for incorrect spelling.

Screw driver

Family Life  16 January '17

Cops Fatally Shoot Man Who Threatened Mother With Screwdriver At Queens, NY Apartment

A son was shot to death by the authorities after he used a screwdriver to threaten his mother.

Betsy DeVos

Education  16 January '17

Betsy DeVos To Push For School Vouchers? Skeptics Question If It Will Help Students Get Better Access To Education

School vouchers might not help in letting students get better access to education.

Evenor and Natalia

Family Life  16 January '17

Is Parenting From Prison Possible? How Jail Time Transformed A Man Into A Responsible Dad To His Two Children

A father was incarcerated for second-degree murder but because of being in jail, he became a better father.

Donald Trump

Education  16 January '17

Economy VS. Education: Does Education Or Tax Policy Create Jobs?

Economic or education policies are being questioned regarding what is important over creating jobs now.

Conjoined twins

Baby  12 January '17

Conjoined Twins With One Body And Two Heads Die Days After Being Born In Mexico

A video showing conjoined twins born in Mexico made rounds online last week but new reports say that they have recently passed away.

Children with disabilities and autism

Education  12 January '17

Rights Of Children With Disabilities, Autism In Public Schools Still Unclear As Supreme Court Decides On Case

The Supreme Court took the case on more rights for children with disabilities and autism in public schools on Tuesday.


Teen  12 January '17

Reddit's UpliftingNews Raises $160K For Mentally-Challenged Chicago Teen Following Attack, Torture On Facebook Live

The person behind the subreddit UpliftingNews on Reddit helped raise $160,000 for the Chicago teen who was tortured and abused on Facebook Live.

Virtual Reality Technology

Education  12 January '17

Virtual Reality Technology Changing How Students Learn? Technological Developments Lead To Workplace Inequality

Virtual reality technology can now help students when it comes to learning but a new study also suggests that technology could lead to inequality in the workplace.


Family Life  12 January '17

Puppies And Baby Talk: New Study Claims Dogs Respond Best To High-Pitch Talking

Puppies enjoy hearing baby talk but not older dogs.

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