BBC Dad's Family Gets Own Show Stirred From The Viral TV Gaffe

By Olivia Etienne / Apr 22, 2017 08:43 PM EDT

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Antics of four-year-old Marion and eight-month-old James, who famously invaded their father's important BBC interview, will continue as the viral family inspired a show of their own. An animated online show titled, "The Adventures of Mina & Jack," debuted its teaser this week.

Writer Lauren Martin collaborated with Hans House Productions for the show. Per Independent, the online show's creators hoped that "The Adventures of Mina & Jack" will attract interest from television networks.

The first-ever animated clip released for the show mainly featured the Kelly family, whose patriarch worked for United Nations, or as Mina would call the "un." It also featured their yoga teacher mom who liked yogurt, as described by her daughter.

The show's animation depicted the Kelly family very closely. Mina resembled the eyeglass-toting Marion while James was featured using his signature walker and binky-sucking lips. At one point, Prof. Robert Kelly's seemingly grouchy face was shown in the clip.

Mina and Jack's first adventure, as told in the video, revolved around his father trying to catch a gold thief in North Africa. In the end, the thief was nabbed, thanks to the kids' help. Mina even quipped that without her and Jack, his dad would be "helpless."

The professor approved the show and commented that he looked "suitably dorky" in it. He posted the video link on Twitter account, serving as an icebreaker among his serious-toned insights posted on his account.

Last month, the family inadvertently rose to fame after Marion danced her way to her father's home office while on a live BBC interview. The father, who works as a political science professor at Pusan National University, talked about the impeachment of South Korean president, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The political analyst was then again asked for a CNN interview two weeks after the gaffe and even tweeted that he will make sure to lock the door, as per CNN producer's instructions. Business Insider reported that there were no appearances from his adorable children and lovely wife the second time around.

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