Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?

By Snow / Feb 18, 2016 07:33 AM EST

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With many moms advocating breastfeeding, a lot of new mothers opt to breastfeed their babies. Most of the time, however, they wonder whether their breastfed baby is getting enough milk. If you're also breastfeeding and are wondering about the same thing, here are some indications that your baby is indeed getting sufficient amounts of breast milk.

  • According to Baby Center, after nursing, your baby would turn away from your breast and would have a satisfied look on his face. At times, even if you bring him back to your breast, he would no longer suck, which indicates that he's already full. 
  • Check if your breast feels softer after you nurse your baby. This is one sure sign that your baby had sufficient breast milk. Softening of the breasts means that the milk that was there before nursing has already landed safely in your baby's tummy.
  • Try to closely monitor the weight of your baby. Babies grow rapidly and their weight gain goes by leaps and bounds. If your baby does not gain weight after a week or a month, then that's a warning sign that your baby may not be getting sufficient amounts of breast milk.
  • Your baby soaks the diaper. Be thankful if you change diaper constantly, this just goes to show that your baby is getting enough milk, according to Fit Pregnancy. If you don't get to change your baby's diaper in a day, then that is something that you should worry about.
  • When your baby poops, be happy about it. This means that he is digesting the milk and his metabolism is alright. So if your baby does not have any bowel movement for a long time, better bring him to his pediatrician. It's either your breast milk is not sufficient for him, or it could also indicate an underlying medical condition.

When you see these signs, then you can be assured that your baby is getting enough breast milk. Now you can relax knowing full well that you are providing your little one with the nutrients that he needs.

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