Montgomery Grandfather Leaves Heartwarming Note with Bucket of Baseballs

A grandfather leaves a heartwarming note with a bucket of baseballs to remind dads to cherish every moment with their kids. He is hoping that some future kids could make good use of all the old baseballs he has collected over the years.

The tweet is touching many people's hearts

Ethan Anderson tweeted out a post about his grandfather, Randy Long, that is touching the hearts of many people. His grandmother took the photo of the bucket of baseballs that included the note of her spouse then sent them to Anderson.

Long left the bucket at the batting cages he used to go together with his child and grandchild. He wants to let other kids be able to play with them together with their dads, and hopefully granddads too.

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montgomery grandfather, leaves heartwarming note, bucket of baseballs
(Photo : Twitter/Ethan Anderson)

Hopes others could use the baseballs

Long wrote in the note that he found those baseballs while he was cleaning their garage and is hoping that someone could still use them. He explained that he had pitched them to his son and grandson for many rounds.

The hopeful granddad shared that his son is now 46 years old, while his grandson is now 23 years old. He said that he is already 72, and both of his playmates have already moved away. Then he added a piece of advice to all the fathers out there.

Cherish the times with children

Long wrote that dads should cherish the times they have with their children because one would not believe how quickly the little ones will be gone. Finally, he wrote that fathers should hug their children and tell them that they love them for every chance that they could.


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Anderson is living in Birmingham, Alabama, and could reach his grandparents living in Montgomery by driving for two hours. He said that while he visits them now and then, the photos the grandson had received has made him realize that he missed hitting the cages.

This weekend, the duo plans to go together, and Anderson said that his grandfather is very excited. Long was shocked to know how far his little note has reached. Anderson said that his granddad was only trying to give away some free baseballs and does not know about social media at all.

People were reminded of their pasts

The 72-year-old grandpa felt that it was "crazy" when he heard that ESPN was interested in his story. Anderson was touched by how many people had reached out to his granddad. There were old folks that were happy to be reminded of their pasts.

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Anderson shared that he did not want to go to the cages when he was younger, but now he realized that they were some good memories to look back. He is hoping that people could cherish the moments while they still have time.

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