Baby's Long-Term Health Affected By Natural Delivery and Breastfeeding, According to JAMA Pediatrics Research

By Daniel, Parent Herald January 12, 05:20 am

JAMA Pediatrics has published a research that shows how childbirth and feeding method affect the baby's health long-term. The research indicates that the normal birth delivery will lead to a healthier life for the child compared to cesarean delivery, while breastfeeding will have better health benefits  for the baby compared to formula feeding.

Medical News Today reports that the "gut microbiome" or the bacterial life in the infant's gastrointestinal tract is affected by cesarian delivery and breastfeeding.

"Meanwhile, cesarean delivery has been linked with obesity, asthma, celiac disease and type 1 diabetes later in life. And breastfeeding has been related to a lower risk of asthma, obesity, infection, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes, compared with formula feeding," the report identified.

The said news article also talked about the limitations of the study as published by JAMA Pediatrics, "Limitations of the study include its small sample size and the population being from a single group in the U.S. whereas future studies could also take into account the exact proportion of the infants' diets and timing."

Some of the important tips suggested by Fit Pregnancy for pregnant women on how to have a natural childbirth include becoming well-informed in prenatal education, selecting a doctor expert in natural childbirth, not gaining too much weight, and letting go of optional pregnancy interventions if there are no complications, moving around during the early part of labor as well as spending time in the water.

Everyday Family also provided some educational tips for boosting milk supply during pregnancy such as intake of herbs, vitamins, oatmeal, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, drinking plenty of water and breastfeeding the baby as soon as possible after giving birth.

Likewise, the said research can help mothers prepare themselves mentally and physically for a natural delivery method as well as breastfeeding, which can really help their babies become healthier.

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