Mom Asks Luke Kuechly Of Carolina Panthers to Marry Her Daughter

By Snow, Parent Herald February 18, 07:40 am

It isn't every day that moms would go about looking for an eligible bachelor to marry their daughters, but this mom must have been very concerned of who is going to bring her daughter to the altar. Gale Domokos Bonnell paid for a huge billboard ad asking the gorgeous Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly to marry her daughter.

So what did the ad say? According to She Knows, the ad read, "Luuuke, Will you marry my daughter, Rachel? Love, Gale."

These words were in white against a plain red background, occupying the entire length of the huge billboard. Obviously, the colors were chosen to match the well-known Valentine's Day color of love, which was also the day when the ad ran in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the ad in bold red color, it certainly caught a lot of attention, and most probably Luke's, which Gale must have hoped for.

The author of the article in She Knows mentioned that Luke Kuechly is among the most eligible bachelors and the mother was simply trying to catch his attention for her daughter. Perhaps, it was more than the ordinary methods of looking for a groom for a daughter, but with the method adopted, many bachelors (and Luke too) would know that she is looking for an eligible husband for her daughter, Rachel.

Although there was no comment from the three primary persons concerned, namely, Gale, Rachel, and Luke, it can be surmised that their popularity has risen because of the ad. Social media is also having a feast day on what is deemed as the "Luke Kuechly billboard."

Fox46 was able to get hold of Laurie Berzak, a professional matchmaker, who said, "We can't just live a safe life and just do everything, you know, according to everything you're supposed to be doing in life." For Laurie, people should take risks when it comes to finding love.

So if it's Luke Kuechly you're after, there's no harm in sending out your message on a billboard. Who knows? He might respond.

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