How To Raise Unselfish Kids: 4 Useful Tips From An Expert

Selflessness has become uncommon in the society today. If parents do not know how to raise unselfish kids, their children will grow up as selfish people.

Educator, author and motivational speaker Michele Borba, Ed.D. shared some tips with PREGNANCY on how to instill selflessness to children. Hopefully, these tips would be able to help kids become selfless, generous and considerate people.

1. Do not tolerate selfish behavior in your home.

It all starts in your home. If you let your kids have a pass when they manifest selfish behaviors, your children will think that this kind of behavior is acceptable. Being consistent and firm in reprimanding selfish attitudes are necessary if you want your kids to become selfless.

2. Encourage empathy in your home.

Parents should nurture their kids to always imagine and think of how other people would feel about certain events or situations. Parents need to look for different opportunities to help their kids understand the emotions and thoughts of other people.

Always let your kids know that they are not the center of the universe. They should be aware of other people's feelings, needs and rights and they should be taught how to respect them.

3. Let your kids know about their limitations.

Many kids who always get what they want turn out to be selfish. "Set clear limits and then stick to them like glue," Borba shared with PREGNANCY. "Don't give in to whining, pouting, tantrums and guilt-laced admonishments of 'You're the worst parent in the world!'"

4. Be a good role model for your kids.

Kids follow their parents' actions more than their words. "Practice what you preach" is a must for every parent.

"If you want your child to be truthful, you will have to be truthful too. If you want them to have good manners, you must speak to each other with due respect too," Parentous advised.

Learning how to raise unselfish kids is only the first step. Being consistent and firm in teaching this virtue to your kids is even more important.


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