School Tips: How To Help Your Kids Prepare For A Big Test

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald March 31, 05:19 am

A big test is always given every quarter of the year. This is the time that your children will be evaluated on what they have learned from each quarter. Preparing your kids for a big test must be prioritized so as your child could pass the test.

What Is It For

The result of the test is almost 40 percent or more of the grade of your children depending on the curriculum of the school. With this, your children must be prepared to take the exam so that they can ace the test, resulting in higher grades. 

The Preparation

So, how could you help your kids prepare for a big test? Parenting and Popsugar share the following tips on how to help your children can pass the test:

1. Read the study guide or reviewer first.

Most teachers give a study guide or reviewer of the topics that your children must study. These topics are often given in the tests. It is advisable that you read them carefully by subject and start reviewing your children on difficult subjects or whatever subjects your children have difficulties with.

2. Be alert on the schedule of a test.

You must know the date of the test for the particular subject. You have to review your children on the subjects that will be given on the day before the said schedule to refresh the mind of your children on the given topics.

3. Teach your children the strategies on how to take the test.

It is very important to teach your children to follow instruction. Let your children read the direction first before answering the test. Tell your children to review their answers before submitting their test to the teachers.

4. Motivate your children.

There is pressure in taking the test. Encourage your children that they need to study hard for their own good. Tell them that they would learn more and gain knowledge in taking the test. On the other hand, tell them that you will not be mad if they did not do well, but it is better if they would do their best.

5. Let your children sleep early.

Do not let your children sleep late before the test or else they would forget what they have studied and would feel groggy and sleepy while taking the test. They must sleep early and let them get up in the morning with much time to fully wake them up before going to school. This will make them ready for the big test.

6. Have a healthy breakfast.

Prepare your child a heavy breakfast for the big test. Children would not do well in a test if they are hungry. On the other hand, do not serve sugary and high-carb breakfast because these would make them sleepy.

7. Do not be late for school.

Do not go to school late because your children might panic especially if the test begins on the time they arrive. This will stress them. They must go to school early so that they will condition themselves before the test begins.


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