Stop Bullying: Educate Your Kids On Values That Promote Anti-Bullying

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald April 01, 09:03 am

Bullying is an aggressive behavior that includes making threats, attacking someone physically or verbally, spreading rumors and excluding someone from a group. Some parents are worried that their children would become bullies. One problem that they might face is how to stop this harmful behavior to their children. The good thing is that bullying can be prevented by educating your kids first at home.

What Leads To Bullying

Bullying, whether be verbal or physical, can be harmful to the victims and the perpetrators. Children who bully often times feel insecure. They feel that picking on someone could make them feel important and be in control as well making them popular.

In some cases, they bully because they do not know it is unacceptable and some are exposed to violence at home or when playing and watching violent games and movies. This must be stopped or else it would lead to destructive behaviors.

The Morning Bulletin reports the statement of Sharyn O'Neil on the subject of how to stop bullying. "We have the power to stop the cycle of hate. A good way to start is through education," said O'Neil. "And I don't mean in schools, with things like the Safe Schools program. I mean educating your kids at home, too."

Curb Bullying From Your Children

O'Neil said that you have to teach your children to accept other people no matter what they look, religion, nationality or sexuality as well. Huffington Post states that you should teach empathy to your children to curb bullying.

Empathy involves understanding one's feelings and having sympathetic feelings to those who are less fortunate. It's just like putting yourself in someone's shoes and then being kind. It also expresses love, care and concern.

You may also state to them the effects of bullying to those who are being bullied, that some of them commit suicide or shy away from school. Also, discuss with them the consequences of bullying and the feeling of the family who is being bullied.

Another thing that you can teach your children to stop bullying is to limit your children with regard to watching violent movies or playing violent games in their gadgets. These send out negative messages in their minds that might materialize physically. It is advisable that you let them watch sports program, educational games, comedy movies and other games that do not promote violence.

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