'Toxic Shots': California Mandatory Vaccine Law Causes Outrage Due to Toxic Effect

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald July 06, 09:00 am

California residents are now subjected to the state's vaccine law. The law implies that all children must and should be vaccinated and should complete their vaccination record by the time they reach 7th grade. The controversial law sparked outrage among parents who are against vaccination stating that it does more harm than good.

The mandatory vaccination law, which some parents refer to as the "toxic shot" was pushed through the legislation on Friday, which immediately took effect. The mandatory vaccination caused outrage among parents who oppose to getting their children vaccinated.

The controversial mandatory vaccine law forced parents to either leave their homes or opt to have their children home schooled to surpass the law. According to Breibart News, the mandatory vaccination got most parents attention stating that their principles of parenting were breached as the government tends to force their will against some parents decision when it comes to their children.

The mandatory vaccination law in California (SB 277) has been on a heated disagreement since it was made. There are several pros and cons in having it implemented. Prior to the bills approval, parents were allowed to make a choice if they would want to have their child vaccinated or not. After the mandatory vaccination was approved, it became mandatory that parents should have their children vaccinated except if there's a letter of exemption from the doctor.

UPI then noted that the mandatory vaccine law disregards most expectation. One of the reasons that allows the child not to be vaccinated however is the fact that the child may experience more harm than good when vaccinated.

The states mandatory vaccination however is said to have positive reasons in its good intentions, thus the lawmakers had it approved instantly. The mandatory vaccination law was implemented due to the measles outbreak in Marin Country which greatly affected non-vaccinated children.

Some parents are in favor of the mandatory vaccination while some strongly oppose to it. Are you pro or anti vaccination? Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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